Monday, February 27, 2017

Steampunk Cards

I bought a new stamp.  Thinking the bird would work well cut out and placed on any variety of backgrounds.  I didn't like him cut out.  **sad face**.  I was immediately sorry I bought the stamp.  I have too many stamps that stare back at me with the look of 'why did you buy me?' 

But I have been admiring lots of art made with blotches of watercolor with a stamp image over the top of the color.  I love the ones I see.  I don't yet understand watercolor and always end up with a brown mess.  I decided to try the style/technique with Distress Inks.  

There aren't process photos because I never think anything will get past the rubbish bin.  What I did was use an orange Distress ink pounced in the center of the card where I thought the bird would land using a little dauber thingy.  Then went around the orange with the lime color.  Then I spritzed it with water. Dried it a bit with paper towel.  That took off too much color so I just lightly daubered it again.  No more water.

Then I stamped the image with Archival black ink.  After that I added some touches of teal in small areas with a foam make up tool.  I then used more foam make up tools to add deeper color to the bird.  Splattering my art uncontrollably scares me, so I "dotted" the piece with a black maker and a white gel pen.  In the end I added some wood and metal gears here and there.

The envelope was next.  That chevron stamp is another one I love and can never figure out what to do with it.  I think this worked pretty good.

Here's how I colored in the chevron with daubers. 

I love this lettering guide.  It requires the use of very fine pens. I use my Juice .38 gel pens.  I love the very fine lettering I get.

Ready to mail.

I love how this Thank You card turned out.  So much so that I couldn't part with it until I tried to reproduce it as an art postcard that I could use for my postcard swaps.  No one could be more surprised then myself that I managed to be successful with this reproduction.

I'll definitely be trying this style again.

Happy Mail Day!


  1. Your process description was so interesting I hardly realised there were no process photos. I like the idea of using daubers and foam make-up tools (new ideas to me) and how you painted the orange and lime and then teal, I could see it happening. Splattering is pretty scary, images of black spots reaching the cream sofa coming to mind, and your "pretend" splattering works really well. Oh, there's a photo of the daubers, one for each colour, that answers another question. I'm also fascinated by the lettering guide, isn't that so clever.
    Your card and envelope and postcard are all magnificent.
    What a great blogpost.

  2. I am not into this craft but I truly enjoy watching and learning what you do. thanks for sharing.

  3. You clever,clever thing you! I ADORE this little's somehow just so 'you' Annie!! Beautiful piece of art, maybe try some of the new Distress Oxides as they make backgrounds a breeze apparently
    Donna xx

  4. Love your description Annie, I'm glad that you did not give up on the bird stamp!
    Beautiful envelope too, love that you found a matching postage stamp.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Well Annie whatever you do, it sure looks great!Love the steampunk look and the bird is so nice.

  6. Really very attractive Annie and I am not a Steampunk kind of lady. Your background turned out beautifully!
    Sandy xx

  7. Fantastic work! It's always so hard to reproduce a piece after the fact, I'm so glad you were able to recreate this as a postcard! Love the greens and that arrow!

  8. This card is so worthy of reproduction, glad you made a postcard. It is really interesting and uses great colors. How could you ever doubt yourself and your talent? Hugs

  9. Never quite sure what steam punk means but this work is super. Like the way you have used both wooden and metal cogs round the bird. lovely background.Clear description of your process. Very interesting blogpost.

  10. Well done! Your bird is wonderful...cheerful with a bit of attitude. Thanks for walking us through the process. I always love to see what you're creating.

  11. A fabulous piece of mail art with the added bonus of letting us in on the process from beginning to end. I am always fascinated to see art take shape and I thoroughly enjoyed the journey with this one. Fabulous.

    The link is working now. If you have the time you might like to go back and click on the link so that your thumbnail will be seen on the screen.

  12. Thanks for sharing your process Annie! I glimpse into your creative mind! As always, it is wonderful! It definitely has a steampunk feel with the gears all around the bird.

  13. Beautiful! And I love that you shared a little about your thinking your way through the process. And the pic of the daubers is pretty in and of itself. :)

  14. What a thrill it must be for the person who received that beautiful card and envelope. Love it.

  15. Hi Annie! Fabulous envelope and card, both with a great design! The bird and gears stamps are fantastic. A great job as always! Mar :)

  16. Where have I been? I LOVE this card and resulting postcard. Steampunk when done well enchants me and yours is done Very Well. Love all the layers of color and texture you have achieved wiith your stamps. Oh and all those stamps that I bought and have never used or think WHY did I buy them...I relate. Marvelous March to You Dear...<3


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