Friday, August 25, 2017

Nail Polishing Mat

I have done a small bit of very simple basic sewing!  

My cousin-in-law and I got together and had a few hours of a private mini sewing retreat.  We made fabric boxes.  But that was all it took to get me into the sewing mood again.

My daughter has a fetish for nail art.  Her nail polish collection can rival any store display.  It really is fun.  She normally puts down an old towel or just paper towels to protect her table surface from any mishaps with those oh-so-pretty little bottles of color.  When I saw this fabric, I could not resist making her a fun surface to work on.

Personally I think if she gets some polish smudges on the mat it will only add character.  

This was only the beginning to more sewing of a few more small pieces that are still being worked on played with.  For me, sewing is play, never work.


  1. What perfectly cute fabric for a Nail Art Mat! I also use an old towel...! This fabric would make fun gift ideas for girls/ladies...a mat and some new polishes and such in a cute little fabric basket. Thank you Annie!!! <3

  2. Cute,cute, cute fabric and your backing and binding make it perfect. I like Createology's idea too to make it for a gift with some bottles of polish in a fabric basket. Did you make a fabric basket to go with it?
    I too think of sewing as play even the Fancy Forest quilt was fun.

  3. This fabric is so adorable and just perfect for a nail art loving girl. You're such a sweet mom to sew this mat for her. The fabric would also be great for a cosmetic bag.
    Have a wonderful weekend, dear Annie!
    xo Julia

  4. What fun fabric! I am not a nail polish gal, too girly fkr my tastes, but my daughter also likes to paint her fingernails and toenails too. That fabric would make darling cosmetic bag!!!

  5. Great fabric! Boy, this will really make her feel pampered! Clever girl, You!

  6. Looks great. I can imagine your daughter will put something on this to protect it when she does her nails, I know I would, although I see what you mean about paint marks adding something to it.
    I think of art textiles as work and practical sewing (like making a pillowcase) as play, probably because I never get enough time for the latter.

  7. I'm sorry Annie but there's no way in a million years I'd risk spilling nail polish on that masterpiece!! I absolutely adore your sewing, so glad we're going to be seeing more of it again.....YAY
    Donna xx

  8. super cute fabric great you came into the mood again ;O))

  9. You KNOW I'm just all thumbs with excitement over your return to the machine.
    You also know as much as I LOVE ALL your art, sewing is my favorite!
    Did you just FLIP FLOP when you saw this awesome fabric? Sometimes that's all it takes!
    Did you say you made a basket? I remember making them for Valentine's Day, using the plastic inserts from cherry tomatoes!

  10. That fabric is wonderful. Perfect idea for its use.

  11. I love that fabric! What a wonderful idea for using it. I can think of a number of friends and teenagers who could use this.


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