Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Watercolor Experiments

I've taken a couple of watercolor experiements and turned them useful.

This one turned into a postcard and went off into the mail.

Even the address side was stamped using watercolor paint.

This one turned out nothing like it was in my mind.  I wasn't sure which way I would use it.

Turned the opposite direction I saw a blue forest across the lake.

I needed a birthday card for my granddaughter who loves skulls at anytime of the year.  And blue is her favorite color.

This is what the blue forest turned into.

I'm glad some of my experiments are being useful.


  1. awww looks great i do love them both

  2. Simple and clever...love it.

  3. These experiments make fabulous clean and simple cards!! Great eye! I never know what to do with pieces that I start like this

  4. Ahh! These are great pieces! I especially loved the one for your granddaughter. I too saw a forest reflected in a lake when held horizontal but look what you did with a little turn of position! It's great!

  5. Both watercolor experiments are wonderful, Annie! I wish I would have had such a creative grandma. The card you made for your granddaughter is fabulous!
    xo Julia

  6. I love how you experiment and always make something fabulous. Love the watercolor Postcard stamping. Ohhh that skull on blue is BLUEtiful. Happy Card Creating Dear...<3

  7. I find it quite exciting to see your watercolour experiments. I like the watercolour stamping although I assume it must be not-too-wet watercolour (although I know nothing of stamping). So the blue forest turned into a head-rest for the skull, hahaha! Love the bats and the web too.

  8. I often find the experiments turn out far better than anything planned anyway....well that's my reason for never planning anything in advance! Your watercolours are knock your socks off brilliant as always Annie :)
    Donna xx

  9. Are you having fun yet? I'm having fun seeing your experiments! :)

  10. Love the green one....yes, I saw the lake and forest! Never have understood the fascinations with skulls, but your work is always awesome!


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