Thursday, August 31, 2017

Scrappy Sewing Fun

Two little fabric boxes and one nail polishing mat have not satisfied my desire to sew ... right now!


I'm in the middle of packing to move back to my home in Wisconsin!  My fabric is already packed!  Scraps are all that is available to play with.  

Of course a postcard always comes to mind first.  My sweet cousin-in-law is figuring out a way to carve out a dedicated sewing space in her home with red and teal as her color theme.  And I want to be virtually in that space with her.

So I mailed her a small bit of me to display in her new space-to-be.

I also wanted to share with her some of my vintage wooden thread spools for Decor.  They needed a little padding in their box so that they didn't rattle so much.  A quick potholder would do the trick.  Who can't use a new potholder?  I hadn't yet packed my printed Miracle Fabric pieces.  How perfect this piece of collaged recipes is.  She likes neutral colors too.

So I've managed to fractionally satisfy this desire to sew things.  But far from completely.  I've dug out more scraps.  I've been watching my sewing friends share scrappy projects on their blogs and I have the desire to make scrappy fabric too.  I need a soft cover for my sewing machine.  It would look so much nicer than the dish towel I throw over it.

I have chosen neutrals and low volume color scraps for this project.  I don't really have a lot of patience for improv sewing with scraps, but as this piece has grown, I've enjoyed working on it more.

Here is where I have paused this project.  I now needed something smaller and quicker.  You know...more instant gratification. 

So, back to sneaking in a little more sewing play time in between the packing of boxes.  It is so hard to put "everything" away then wait until it can all come back out again.   



jenclair said...

I don't know what I like best--each one is lovely and eye-catching! What a wonderful idea for a potholder. Love looking at the ingredients and trying to imagine what the final dish would be! The postcard is as beautiful as all of your postcards--with so many interesting elements. I especially love the little girl with her bicycle. :)

Moving, are you? I owe you a bit of mail art and will certainly need a new address!

Marei said...

Annie! You're moving?! I wish you a smooth move and hope you enjoy being back in of my favorite places. As I typed that I just realized you'll be back in time for fall & winter! Yeah!!! Best wishes.

Inky and Quirky Designs said...

Oh Annie you really are the Queen of Sewing!! You just make the most wonderful and jaw dropping creations. I always feel truly honoured that I also have a little piece of Annie magic in my home too :)
Donna xx

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

The postcard is a beautiful piece of art and the potholder looks great too, Annie! Good thing that you still have some scraps out to play with. Your sewing machine cover will look fabulous. Oops, I'm guilty of never covering up my sewing machine.
Good luck with the move!
xo Julia

sheila 77 said...

It's fun to play with scraps, especially with a reduced amount. You're right, who wouldn't like a nice patchwork potholder.
I just love this postcard with the red and teal and all the little added pieces, the birds and the squares and all, together with the Annie-trademark black and white edging. It's inspiring me. I'm going to pin it, hope that's alright.
The larger pastel shades piece is great fun too, maybe it could make a mat if you get bored with making a machine cover. I am admiring the way you have combined the scraps here very harmoniously.

Daryl @ Patchouli Moon Studio said...

I am glad you were able to get some sewing in with most of your things packed away. Hope moving goes well and you enjoy your new place. I like these scrappy projects that you have created.

Snoodles said...

Annie, you never cease to amaze (and inspire) me....lovely creations! Here's wishes for a safe and smooth move, and a quick unpacking of your sewing room!

Renee said...

Wow! I love these, makes me want to get my sewing machine out.

Renee said...

I forgot to say that I hope your move goes well. Hugs.

Ruth said...

I love your ART pieces that you made for your cousin, the post card will be an very nice piece of fabric art for her sewing room decor.
I hope your move goes well. It's good that our can take a break from packing and do something that give you joy.

Createology said...

I absolutely can relate to the packing...even though I am not moving any time soon. Love your postcard and recipe collage. How fun to sew scraps together to make "fabric". A sewing machine cover will be wonderful. September Serenity Dear...<3

Lesley said...

What a gorgeous postcard! Love how you added a potholder and have fashioned A great piece of scrappy fabric. Good luck with your move!

Dortesjs said...

waue great, just love it

Barb said...

good luck with the move

West Michigan Quilter said...

Love to see your sewing. Especially love the postcard. Fantastic. Hope you have a smooth move. How long since you have lived in Wisconsin weather. I remember it was a little shock for me to come back. But you will love it as the seasons change. Good luck.

Karen Dunbrook said...

love these...I have a collection of old quilts so this looks wonderful to me!
xx Karen