Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Art Journal Pages

Leftover paints and experiments have turned into these art journal pages.

Modeling Paste practice and trying some black acrylic paint through a stencil.

I’ve never been one to create motivational word art.  I’m plenty motivated.  I’d rather use words in other ways that help with a story or such.

But I didn’t know what else to put on the page and I was wondering what words I could make with these leftover round letter stickers.  “Try” popped right out at me while I am “trying” stuff that I’ve always avoided.

I wonder what I could do with the word “quick” or “jump”.  What other words are there that would work in art?

Next, this mess happened.

Makes no sense at all to me.  But I do see a postcard that could be cut from it.  Maybe two.  Oh, look what I forgot to date stamp ran out after 2017.  Until I get a new one I’m using 2013 and turning the 3 into an 8.

In any case, I’m enjoying myself and this crazy experimenting process.  One thing is leading to another.  Fun!


  1. What fun you are having. This is something different from you I think, but with true Annie-style still showing through.
    Adding letters and words really gives the orange/black pages a jump, good idea. I tried to find some other words from the round letters, got "spin a sun", sure there must be more. "At least try" is the perfect motto for an art journal page and I'll think of that next time I attempt one.
    I don't see any mess but I can see a terrific complex page in true Art Journal style with the black giving the pretty colours something to think about. I like the black scribble heart.
    How strange that your date stamp ran out in 2017, I wonder why that is. Nice one to easily change the 3 into an 8.

  2. great pages much colours and great spring feeling ;O))

  3. Lots of interest in your pages - what size is your Journal? xx

  4. These are awesome, you have such a great eye for color (even if by mistake with paint extras). I love how your "try" piece looks like modern minimalist art. I can never make simple pages, but that speaks to me... I add too much sometimes.... I did however use your pc for inspiration on an envelope I (thought) I'd finished, I went back and added washi tape for detail..... I love it a thousand times more now.... I'll try to post it to IG/FB today before I head out to work. Thank you again for all the inspiration, you definitely are rocking at art journaling!

  5. Ooh and pink... Ok I'm going to quit now. ;)

  6. I am loving your journal pages, Annie! Especially "at least try" which speaks to me on so many levels!

  7. Annie, I love your journal pages. It appears that you are having a lot of fun as you try new things. Thank you for sharing what you are doing. Oh, and thank you for the little word challenge; I found 60 works in your round letters. LOL I am an old Scrabble addict.

  8. This is so cool, Annie! I absolutely adore your journal spread and these are not even my colors. I love that it's so abstract and a bit minimalistic. The single page is beautiful too and I can't see a mess. You're doing so great with art journaling and it's wonderful that you enjoy creating your journal pages.
    Have a happy weekend!
    xo Julia

  9. Great pages. I love the messages and the art.

  10. Hi Annie! I was surprised to see your fantastic journal pages! I really love this style! I hope to see more.
    Mar :)

  11. Annie, you always seem to get great results from your creative experiences! How fitting is the word TRY!

  12. Annie you are having great fun in your journal and making wonderful art on the blank pages. I am inspired by your “At least Trying”. I just never understand why my art supplies sit around and don’t create art! I cannot possibly think they expect me to make art with them. LOL

  13. love this...looks amazing.
    xx Karen


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