Thursday, October 18, 2018

Be My Valentine Quilt

My third unfinished quilt is FINISHED!

Be My Valentine

This quilt got its start in 2016.

I paper pieced the hearts from a pattern I drew myself.  A heart paper piece pattern is not hard to draw at all.

I lay thin sheet boards on my bed for pin basting.  I have one full size sheet that is 4’ X 80” (because I have low ceilings upstairs).  I have an extension sheet that is 30” X 80”.  I used the smaller one for drawing my quilting lines.

When a fabric has a wide flat selvage with printing info on it, I like to make it a part of my quilts.  Just for fun.

This is a smaller quilt that measures 58” X 76”.

I used two of the fabrics for the binding.  They are pretty close in looks, so it isn’t easily noticed.  But I like it.

It feels so good to have all of my unfinished quilts finished.  

I couldn’t wait to start on the next quilt.  I meant to start and finish one.  But I’ve got two new ones going at the same time.  I planned one.  The second came as a request that I don’t want to put off too long.  So I’m just working them both at once.  What a happy quilter I am! :-)


  1. This is amazing! I love quilts but don't love making them. Yours are gorgeous and I'm so happy for you to finish them up.

  2. Another beautiful quilt! Annie you are on a roll! Aren't the little color dots a useful and attractive addition to a selvage? Another intriguing element to your lovely quilt.

  3. You have certainly gotten back to quilting in a big way. Your valentine quilt is very nice, I love the simplicity of it. Great idea to use the selvage in the quilt. I can't wait to see what you finish next.

  4. This is such a lovely clean design. The squares with lots of white surround are so neat and fresh and I like the hearts and non-fancy straight line quilting, which is just right for this quilt. The seventh photo shows off the whole quilt perfectly. I like the selvedge (English spelling) included too, a nice informative historical addition.

  5. Another finish! Wonderful. I love this quilt. Red and white is my favorite. Love how you quilted it too. It looks so nice and cozy.

  6. Congratulations! What a great finish and a great feeling, yes? Love the red and white and the selvage on the back. Bravo!

  7. Nothing's better for Valentine's Day than a lovely red and white heart quilt!

  8. This is positively beautiful! I need to post the two I finally finished when was new project that is getting ready to go in a raffle the other one was finally Chads I think I told you I finished it but I can't remember. For this do you use tide color catcher sheets every time you wash it? I love red and white but they always scare me that it will bleed the one I just made had red with several other colors I used to color catcher sheets and I feel like it's still bleed a tiny bit? (I will admit I did not pre wash the fabric and this could be part of my problem). Also I love the you actually drawing a quilt lines on to make sure they will be super straight, so smart! I think I am mostly going with the wing-it method right now. I did try to do stitch in the ditch last time and can't even follow that line though so I'm not sure I would be effective even if I drew a line LOL. Either way I absolutely beautiful


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