Thursday, October 25, 2018

Halloween Postcard Greetings

A few more Halloween greetings mailed out...

A Raven at Halloween is always a favorite.  I have a kinship with him for shiny things.

A black cat.

Glow-In-The-Dark Skulls!  From fabric leftovers of another make.

Here they are, glowing in the dark.  Of course they glow way better in real life.  

Take them to your bedroom at night.  They will watch over you while you sleep.  
Isn’t that a creepy thought!

**insert Vincent Price’s laughter**


  1. Love your scary cards, but most of all the crow. Maybe it's time for me to get a new card from you, a fabric card? I would have been so happy.

  2. Your post cards are so cute. Love your glow in the dark pillows. I have some fabric that glows but never know what to do with it. Now you have me thinking.

  3. How I love these quilted postcards! The background on the raven is terrific, Annie, along with the shiny objects to add to his treasure trove. :)

  4. These are fabulous! How awesome they added the gems for the Raven to eat at!!! that cat is so freaking cute, totally love it!!!!and you know I freaking love the glow in the dark ones!!!

  5. How did I manage to miss these gems? Maybe unaccustomed to you making quick subsequent posts?
    So these are super-duper postcards and it is so good to see your Halloween art.
    Black cat with the spiders' webs is an absolute scream.
    The raven stealing the necklace is a master postcard. That is one cool raven. Love the stripes and the yellow and black.
    The ghosts!!! Squeal!!!!!!!


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