Monday, October 8, 2018

Halloween Quilt #2

This second Halloween quilt began to come to life in December 2015.  I was ready for Christmas early and this Halloween quilt wanted to get started being made.

I wanted to make a Jelly Roll Race quilt.  I began collecting Halloween prints and colors a couple of years earlier to cut my own Jelly Roll.  But as I saw jelly roll race quilts being made, I saw that I wouldn’t be able to control how the colors landed together.  A quilting control freak cannot live with that!  I kept thinking on it and collecting and cutting 2.5” strips of fabrics.  

Finally I hit on this plan of jelly roll race CONTROL.  

I cut the strips into shorter lengths to maximize color EVERYWHERE.
It was fun to get this far, but I began to wonder if it was too wild and out of control.

But I kept going and for some reason, stopped taking progress photos.  But I began to like it again when the black end strips were added.  And I liked it even more when the checkerboard pieces began to be added.

Then I had to put it away to move back home.  Back to my teeny tiny sewing space that was not inviting me to come sew in it.  The quilt stayed packed up with the art quilt and another unfinished quilt for a years time.

I finally caught the sewing bug, worked on making my sewing space useable and began a mission to finish quilts.  It was now this quilt’s turn.  The rest of the checkerboard framing went faster than I thought it would.  Soon I was quilting this quilt.

It took me a weeks worth of every free moment to get it quilted.  And I only do straight line quilting.

I couldn’t believe I was finally about to bind this quilt.

I was so glad I chose the green for the binding.

I didn’t even notice the tiny green dots on the backing fabric until I was hand stitching the binding.  What a lucky choice to do green binding.

I still struggle to believe this quilt got finished.  But I love it.  My daughter has already claimed it for herself.  She’s Halloween crazy and color crazy.  I’m thrilled she loves it too.

My photo helpers are a bit on the silly side.

It measures in at 68” X 84”

I did it. I finished it.  I’m still trying to convince myself of that.

And there it goes, off with it’s new owner.

That’s now two of my three unfinished quilts finished!  The third one is being quilted now.  I’m getting pretty excited to start a new fresh quilt and get it from beginning to end.  No more of this UFQ (unfinished quilt) sewing!

It’s time to get your creep on!


Lesley said...

Your quilt is absolutely stunnng! So glad you never gave up on that one. Your daughter is adorable and looks delighted with her new lucky she is! Well done!

sheila 77 said...

Oh superb quilt! I do like your idea of cutting up the jelly roll into shorter strips instead of the "standard" automatic way and it has given a great result. Bright and cheerful without knocking your eye out.
And the perfect arrangement of the small squares - jeez Louise, that must have taken a while, or as we say here "there's a lot of work in that!" (to be said in an awesome tone). Nice shots of the spider webs and the skellie and the super spots fabrics.
Loved seeing the quilt "in the wild" over the bench, and the two photos of your daughter, especially the one with her walking away with it. That says it all.

West Michigan Quilter said...

What a wonderful quilt! So glad you persisted and finished it. Great choice on those squares surrounding the strips and perfect choice for binding color. Your daughter is beautiful and looks very happy to claim your latest finish. Can't wait to see your next finish!

Sandy said...

Gorgeous - I love it too!
Sandy xx

Tera Callihan said...
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Tera Callihan said...

Okay, I need your daughter's address I think she is about to get robbed! That is freaking awesome! I absolutely love it I love how you cut some of those strips to show special details like that skeleton. And I agree the black and the checkered make it pop even more amazingly then it started out. This is beyond fantastic. I pinned the three layers of Chad's quilt would have not started the actual quilting process yet. I did clean off the desk that has my sewing machine though so hopefully I will start it soon. I was going to knot it together but now I am thinking I want to actually sew it... and then I will start my nieces quilt. Still staring at a fabulous pile of Halloween fabric for my own Halloween quilt but forcing myself not to touch it until I get this done. Can't wait to see what your third UFO project looks like if the first two are this amazing. Maybe I should just come to your house and kidnap them the moment you finish them!

Daryl @ Patchouli Moon Studio said...

Annie I like your more controlled quilt setting. The colors are gorgeous! The border and binding and the quilting too are all wonderful. Isn't it a good feeling when a loved one wants a quilt you made? Looking forward to seeing your next finish.

Ruth said...

Anie, I love your fun colorful quilt with the controlled setting. Making your own "jellyroll" is so much better and you did a great job of selecting the fabric strips. A Jellyroll race is fun when you are really in a group race but the resulting quilt frequently needs some "fixing up".
I really like your border with the black and colorful checkerboard between the black border strips.

Carla said...

It's awesome. Love the how the colors pop out everywhere. I may need to do something like this. Just Spook-tacular

Judy1522 said...

Your quilt is beautiful and your daughter is lucky that she was the recipient.

jenclair said...

Wow--I adore this quilt, the strips, the blocks around the border, the colors, the cheerfulness! Lucky daughter!

quiltingbydawn said...

Annie, I saw this quilt on IG and loved the colors but I have to say I love reading your post for hearing the whole story and thoughts behind a quilt! I do love how the checkerboard border frames all those wonderful colors!

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