Saturday, December 29, 2018

Fresh Calendar Journaling

I’ve found a fresh new calendar journaling system.

I’ve always thought it was the system I grew tired of.  But now I think it’s the monotony of the same old, same old.

I sometimes want to stop calendar journaling.  It must have gotten into my blood I cannot let it go.  And that’s okay for me right now.  This is the 6th year I am documenting my daily life.

For 2019, I have found Dyan Revealey’s Dylusions Dyalog System.  You can google it to see how this system works.  There are a lot of options for all types of journaling.

I’ve chosen this canvas Dyalog journal cover.

And I’ve chosen the Backgrounds Dyalog Insert Book.  The pages are colorful and blank.  You can add whatever type of artwork you choose.  I have chosen to use the pages as a calendar.

There are several insert book styles to choose from.  There are enough blank pages for me to journal 2 years in this one little book.  There are twelve page designs repeated twice.

For January 2019 I’ve used washi tapes for my grid and as collage art for the bits of blank areas.  Opened, the page measures 8” X 8.5”. A bit smaller than I am used to.  I think it will work out great.

The only troublesome part of my new system is that the book paper did not like it when I wanted to reposition “some” washi tapes.  The paper stuck to the washi.

But I think it works out okay as part of the charm of collage art.

Now to see how it goes as I’m back to designing the calendar pages.  I hope I don’t hate it.

My ultimate wish is that one of these awesome background artists will design a calendar journal completely each year so that I just need to buy it and enjoy their artwork and simply add my daily words.

I’m looking forward to this new journaling venture.
Happy TwentyNineteen!


  1. Looking forward to how this New Year comes together for you. The base looks inspiring.

  2. Love the colors and the cheerfulness of your new calendar option!

  3. So lovely. I have often thought about doing this. But it stopped by the thinking, and I've never done any more. But I have a notice book making lists of what I have to remember to do every day, that works great. Happy New Year to you, and then we'll continue to follow each other's adventures next year.

  4. Ah a New Year to fill up. Have a Happy New Year Annie.

  5. Ooooooh, looking forward to seeing these. I have a few of these little books, so it will be exciting to see your calendar in it!!!! I bought another plain checkbook sized one probably still won't do anything fun in it, despite how much I love yours and a few others ... I may play a bit more with bullet journaling in 2019

  6. It's always great to have new stationery to play with. I like your idea of defining the squares with washi tape and look forward to seeing your own-made designer pages throughout the year (as long as you are enjoying making them of course).
    Top marks for keeping your calendar-diary going.

  7. Enjoy playing with this new system, I'll enjoy watching how you proceed! Looks good so far.

  8. Annie, I always look forward to seeing your calendar pages and this looks like a winner. You have inspired me to keep a calendar journal although mine is just a purchased plain calendar with no artwork. It really helps me know when and what I've done when I don't remember.
    I too wish someone would design a calendar ready made with art work so I could buy it and all I had to do was write in the boxes. Maybe YOU should do that, I'll bet there is a market for an Annie designed calendar journal.

  9. Love your cover of your new calendar book. Looking forward to seeing each month develop.

  10. I always love seeing what you create for your calendar pages! This year will be no exception! It is quite amazing that you have continued documenting your days for 6 years!


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