Sunday, January 6, 2019

Sewing Space Decor

I was inspired by Pinterest (as usual) to gussy up my vintage wooden bobbin to hold a special pair of scissors.

The sewing machine charm is also special.  As well as the vintage shirt buttons that my grandmother had saved, and the pearl head pin.  (I’m sure it isn’t a real pearl, just looks like one).  A small collection of memorabilia that I’ve saved and pushed around for years.

Well now, making one wasn’t enough!  But I had no more bobbins and I wanted to make another for a special friend.  I found some on eBay for a pretty price.  I couldn’t find any others, so I finally talked myself into buying them.  When they arrived, I was sure they were reproduction bobbins, not vintage.  But they would have to do.

Now my friend has one too for her sewing space.

Her cute little scissors came from Hobby Lobby and the sewing machine charm I’ve had for years.  I knew I’d think of use for it eventually.  I tried finding one that was more defined like mine, but I had no luck with that at all.  The buttons are from my small vintage stash from my grandmother.


Antoinette, we’re bobbin buddies! 

 I’m trying hard not to collect “things” unless they have great meaning to me, or it is something I LOVE and enjoy or serves a purpose.  Clutter is a thing of my past.  Not my present.  Not my future.