Saturday, January 19, 2019

Greetings Mail

Birthday, Thank You and Get Well Wishes.

These are what have been keeping me busy.

A birthday greeting pocket tag.  I tucked a quick little letter into the pocket.

A thank you for some yummy Christmas goodies.

Another thank you for something special.

The envelope is made from scrapbook paper using the 1-2-3 Punch.

And some Washi tape to dress it up a little more.

A birthday card for my creep-loving grandson.

Lastly, I still buy cards when I see ones I like.  This one is full of happy glitter.

Then I try to gussy-up the inside so that it isn’t like every other store bought card.  I added a little stamping and a die cut flower.  The hearts are also die cut but they are loose inside the card.

Of course the envelope can’t be any ole normal envelope when it comes from me.  Just can’t send it without adding some fun to it.

I might be finished with January greetings now.  We never really know until the month is over do we.  

Now I really need to uncover my sewing machine...


  1. You have been on a roll!!! Lots of great work! I love the scrapbook paper you picked for that Envelope!! These cards are all great!! Love that you incorporated some dies too. Especially the skull... (bet you never would have guessed). Also the tag, and the pink shabby chic one is so pretty!! The stitching really adds extra awesomeness to the pocket tag!!

  2. Your cards and envelopes are phenomenal! Your creativity is out of this world! Love them all!

  3. LOVE all of these. My first postcard didn't turn out the best but since she has never seen one of yours I guess it will pass. Someday I will show you a picture of it. Debbie's friend.

  4. Some pretty little tags and cards you've got there. I can imagine you had fun.

  5. I really love the pocket tag, such a great idea, and photographing it lying down brings it to life. The smiling sun peeping out at the top is happy. I might "borrow" that idea one day for a birthday card (tag).
    The two thank-you cards are terrific too with one of your fancy envelopes (such a treat to come through the door).
    Your grandson must think his granny is really cool; how many grannies make a skull card?
    I sometimes buy a card, mainly because I think it is a good illustration and might be an inspiration but then I send it away and forget about it. I like your idea of enhancing it, I would never ever have thought of that.
    Great cards blogpost, Annie, and they all look as if they were no-stress fun to make.

    1. Pressed "Publish" too fast - what I wanted to add after the last sentence was "but I would think they took a lot of thinking and sampling and painting to make them as good as this".

  6. WOW! I think the little pocket tag is my favorite and the thank you card with the white tree on the green background is a very close second. How very creative to work you magic on the inside of a purchased card. Your envelopes are amazing; I can picture the postal workers admiring them. I love every single one of you creations even the creepy one.

  7. Those! But of course I always think your stuff is "wow!" Your cards look as good or better than store bought ones, but I love that you fancied up the one you bought. What a great idea!

  8. Well, I feel extra special because I also have one of these treasures which accompanied my very special bobbin . . . big muahs . . . xox . . . Antoinette

  9. These are so beautiful!!! You are very talented! Carol

  10. What a way to gussy up....just are so clever and creative.

  11. Your cards and envelopes are wonderfully creative and how sweet to personalize them to each recipient. With the rising costs of postage I am reconsidering how much mail I send weekly to people I don’t even know through Random Acts of Mail and Love Notes Fairy. It all adds up quickly. Your mail is too special to miss and reciprocate dear. January Joy

  12. just amazing creations well done!
    x Karen


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