Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Crafting in the Polar Vortex!

They’re calling it a Polar Vortex!

It’s very cold here in Wisconsin.  The big temp today was -23 degrees F with a wind chill factor of -52 degrees F

Excellent day for indoor crafting.

I found at clearance price the Eileen Hull’s Traveler’s Notebook Inserts cutting dies.  I didn’t read all the packaging, so I thought it was the whole notebook.  After some research regarding the cover die, I decided to make my own cover to fit the inserts how I wanted them to fit.  

This little booklet is about 4” X 6”
I had some special scrapbook papers that I was saving for something special.  I decided this booklet was it.  The papers are called Happy Accident.  I used that part of the sheet to reinforce the front and back edges.

I’m not really a journaler except for my little calendar journaling squares.  But I really wanted to make one of these.  I finally thought about how my odd ephemera and rejected die cuts needed organizing.  So this is my ephemera keeper booklet.

It really was a lot of fun to make the pages and all the pockets to keep the little pieces in.  No more digging carefully through a box.  I couldn’t believe how this little project cleaned up my mess of bits and pieces.  Amazing.

I think the little see-through corner type pockets were the most fun to make.

This booklet has three folder style page sections.  To attach the pages to the cover I sewed down the middle of each of the three folders.  And stitched right through the selvedge booklet tie to keep it attached.

A little papercrafting and a little sewing.  My two favorite things to do.
It’s so cute.  AND it’s useful.

I’m trying to think of some other small something that needs organizing.  I’d love to make another.


  1. Annie, that little book is great! What a sweet way to organize! It has your creative touch all over it.

  2. Great way to enjoy yourself while the weather is so awful. Making something that gives you joy is always good, and the little book looks like fun to make and appreciate. :)

  3. I've not seen a little book like this or one to make yourself. It looks like a very clever arty trick. I love the way you have photographed it and I just want to reach out and study the pretty papers and pockets. It likes being photographed with a magenta pen and a purple cutting board and it really likes its clever selvedge tie.

  4. What a sweet little book you made and a great idea to have pockets to hold your extras.

  5. This is beautiful. Great artwork. I heard how cold Wisconsin was going to get. Ugh. I'm in the polar vortex too, in CT, but nowhere near as cold as you. Is it Spring yet?

  6. Perfect way to organize ephemera. Lovely little journal and such fun papers. I use a small little photo album to corral my very ancient brass stencils and another to keep word plates or tags. One can never have too much organization and yours is beautiful. Stay safe and warm in your Polar Vortex.

  7. Glad to see you are surviving this cold weather and having fun. What a darling little book. You are so clever. Great artwork and creativity.

  8. I love this little book! Your cover looks perfect (even without the cover die). Did the page dies come with the various pockets? Or was that your awesome idea to add them? I think it's a great idea to store your pieces! I need to start using all of my cut and ready to be used later junk... I have too many! Some are even colored and waiting for backgrounds to live on... anyhow I'm glad you were able to stay warm in the crazy freeze oh, and I love your mini book!


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