Thursday, August 29, 2019

150 Years of Postcards

The world is celebrating the 150 years of the birth of postcards.  You know that I want to be part of that!

The interesting history of the postcard is documented

I sent in a couple of cards to get in on the celebration as I so love making and sending postcards.  One had to be fabric, the other art.

There is a bit of a contest for the front and written side of the cards as well

That meant a chance to express how you feel about postcard mail.

I’ve shared this art postcard before but had never sent the original to anyone.  Since it had a little bit of a postal theme, I sent it in as well.

My expressed words for my love of postcards.

As I say many times on my postcards...
Happy mail day!


  1. That is such a lovely message on the postcard giving everyone who handles it full permission to read and enjoy it.
    The colours on the "Art" postcard are terrific, deep and lustrous and definitely arty and the little bird looks sutable serious at his task of carrying the postcard to its celebratory destination.
    Of course I love the fabric card too, with your trademark striped edging and the subtly coloured fabrics. I like the happy mailman.
    I well know how wonderful it is to get one of your fabulous postcards and there is no-one (IMO) more qualified to join in the celebration.

  2. So true, Annie, and your postcards are so inventive and clever! Love the inclusion of Mr. Zip and the Just Write stamp on the fabric card. And the messages--just "write." :)

  3. Love your postcards and thank you for the link to the history of the postcard. I have the card you sent me on my arty bulletin board always as part of my display even when I make seasonal changes.

  4. I have always loved your postcards Annie and I have a couple of them from you hanging on my sewing room wall. They make me smile!

  5. I love your message - it always seems a shame that some people tuck postcards into envelopes when so many could be enjoying them. Both your cards are great. xx

  6. Fantastic, both your postcards and your message. I love getting postcards, but nowadays there are so few of them around. Luckily I've got some from you.

  7. Your message on the postcard was perfect. We just went through the Hallmark museum in Kansas City, Mo and the founder of Hallmark got his start by selling postcards. If you ever get a chance to go there it was free and totally fascinating. I did not realize it but Hallmark to this day is still a family owned company and the founder had a great philosophy for running a company.

  8. How interesting. I didn't know that. Love all your cards, and especially love the one with fabric. It doesn't seem like people write letters anymore. I haven't even received a post card. It's all texting or emails. We must keep the art going. You're doing a great job!

  9. Great message and great postcards! I ❤️ your postcards, fabric or art! Mine is hanging in my sewing room! I love it!


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