Thursday, September 5, 2019

Fabric Postcard Mail Art

I’ve been in the mood to make fabric postcards lately.
An idea or two for designs presented themselves and I didn’t resist.  


This snail simply had to be turned into a snail mail postcard.

The image of the girl has been in my stash of printed fabrics for quite a long time.  The sentiment that it sometimes takes all day to get nothing done spoke to me.  It seems like that is a rather common occurrence for me.  LOL. The other pieces on the postcard are all washi tapes.  I’d already started sewing them down on the edges before I thought to glue them down for extra security.  My hope was that they wouldn’t get caught in transit and tear.  I know the postcard arrived but I haven’t heard yet how the tapes survived.

And here’s my life in August.

While I wait for some new fabric postcard inspiration to pass by, I’ll just keep myself busy working on finishing up other “started” projects.

Happy September...already!


  1. Postcards are fun. I get in the mood to make some sometimes too. I always love ypur cards!

  2. As always, I love your postcards,"sometimes takes all day to get nothing done" spoke to me too. It is fun to look at your calendar journal too. It reminded me that I can fill in something every day even if it isn't exciting, So I caught up filling in with his week where there was nothing exciting and nothing done .

  3. I love the snail mail. Not that long ago, it was all we knew! I had to laugh at the saying "sometimes it takes me all day to get nothing done." How true that is!

  4. I've always found your postcards fascinating! Love these and also love reading your calendar, you're such a busy girl. I admire that so much.

  5. Of course I love them both! That girl card turned out incredible with all the sayings around it. You have such a knack for putting the cutest stuff in each card.

  6. These postcards are so amazing ♡♡♡ I love love love them both!!!! Did you print the girl on the one fabric, or did you find fabric with her? So cool. Also, still loving your calendar journaling

  7. Looks like a great month with lots of reading and cycling, what could be better, and you've made some art too, even betterer.
    Snail Mail snail is so pretty and I'm fairly sure she is a young girl snail (am I allowed to say that? - apologies to the snail if I am wrong). She has a lovely blue garden with green edges to play in.
    The girl looks very serious, maybe it is all the onward and upward sayings which is causing it. I can so relate to the nothing done quote, sometimes it seems as if there are only 24 minutes (not hours) in the day.

  8. Two lovely postcards Annie - I love the snail. xx

  9. Your fabric postcards are great! Love the snail on the first one,the quote on the second one, and the borders on both! And to top it off, we get to see what you've been up to in August. :)

  10. Hi Annie wow your postcards are amazing,well done on your beautiful work. I am also your newest follower,hope you will visit and follow me too.
    I also love the snail so cute,what a wonderful blog you have xx

    1. Thank you Sheryl! I’ll just click over to visit your blog.


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