Saturday, August 29, 2020

He’s called Chillingsworth

I’ve had a tiny scrap of Chillingsworth on my small design board since finishing my last Halloween quilt last year.  Suddenly while sewing I felt I needed a handy tiny pin cushion.

His severed head was perfect for that!

The next waiting project I pulled from the stash drawers were two Chillingsworth panels.  They’ve been languishing for a couple of years while I collected more Halloween fabrics in anticipation of a clear idea of how to use this panel.

I knew I did not want a throw quilt.  But all plans kept leading to a quite large wall hanging also.  I spent 4 days looking through Pinterest for inspiration.  I finally came across 1” Scrappy Strips by Leila Gardunia.  They are paper piecing strips.  Now, I could have sat and drawn them myself, but for $10 I could just photocopy what I needed and get started sewing right now.

Anyone familiar with these Chillingsworth panels might notice that I cut down the sides of the panel.  I worried about doing that not being sure those top and bottom corner designs would look too odd.  It just had too much blank space around him for me.  So I cut anyway.  The corners don’t look odd to me.  OR if they do, they just add to the already oddity of Chillingsworth wearing only a top hat.

I started with this strip design but it looked too ... something.  I didn’t like it for a border for him.  So I chose the straight piecing design strip.

Here is where that awesome little plastic steam(less) roller became my best ever buddy.  It made pressing those hundreds of strips quick and easy.

The paper is so quick to pull off of these simple strips.

The trash is proof of the fun I had making these strips.

While I was making the borders I wondered how to quilt him without having to freemotion quilt around him and without having straight rows of quilting going through him.  So I drew my quilting lines.  (Forgot to take a photo).

I finish the back of my hanging quilts with strips to run a flat stick through.

Each of my kids will get one of these Chillingsworth guys.  I think the cream color one can be left out all year for creep-loving my kids.

Stash busting!  It’s so awesome to get some of these older purchases made into “things”. 

An early-ish Happy Halloween!


  1. Awesome! Just awesome, and a little of "I'm so jealous," but mostly "Wow, Annie!" Chillingsworth is a star!

  2. The quilting you did is great Annie! I like the brightness of the orange one, but both look great.

  3. The wall hangings and pin cushion are great!

  4. 😍😍😍😍so much yumminess!!! They look amazing! Don't forget you were adopting me as one of your children... lol Truely they are awesome, they are going to be so excited!!!

  5. Love that little pincushion - and the wall hangings are great for Halloween! I particularly like the orange one. I need to get one of those little tools - I am going to go find one now!!

  6. Wow Annie,I love these quilts. Your borders are amazing in Halloween fabrics. Piano key borders are my favorite but I never thought of paper piecing them. Where did you get the piecing paper. I hate removing the paper but I have learned that sometimes it is the only sensible way to go.
    I missed your purple quilt post (no photo on my sidebar) I like what you did with sashing around the D9P blocks and you always come up with a creative way to do something new. You have an awesome collection of purple fabrics in that quilt.

  7. A skelly pincushion! - that's great, he can cheer you up while you are pinning. I see you are avoiding his head, just in case.
    The twirly twirly patterns at the corners look just fine. I agree about the orange zig-zaggy edging, it would have been too noisy for Mr. Skellie and his not-costume. I'm still worrying about the steamless steam roller. How does it iron flat if it doesn't have heat?
    I'm going back and forward and back and forward to the two Mr.Skellies. Nobody is asking but I think I like the first one better but you always have to see them in real life to decide. Would it be fun to have him hanging at the back of a wardrobe so that you could squeal every time you moved some clothes?

  8. Annie, these are great for your Halloween loving kids! Love the borders and I don’t think the corners look odd. I’m not familiar with Chillingsworth though. That cute little pincushion reminds me of the one I made with the Ghastly line. I’ll need to pull it out as it is getting to that time of year!

  9. Your panels look great and those corner bits not at all odd. I think more plain would have been too much. xx

  10. OMG these panels are so cool with your pp borders.


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