Tuesday, August 11, 2020

A Whimsical Small Quilt

My fabric stash is bulging.  I need to stop buying fabrics just because I like them.

But this little quilt came about from a gift of three Candy Bar (I think is what they are called) precut packs from Rachel...(years ago!)

They just haven’t spoken to me no matter how many times I handle them.  There were four packs, I made a pillow cover with one of them a long time ago.  I pulled them out and challenged myself to use them.

I decided I wanted a whimsical look.  I divided the pieces for rows of 42 or so inches in length, arranged them and stitched them end to end.

Next came my favorite fabric that turns anything into whimsical.  The stripe is cut into 1” wide strips the length of the fabric and stitched between the rows.  I didn’t want to have to piece the stripe which is why I chose the length of 42” for piecing.

Next came the quilting...

...and then the binding.  It is so fun to look at.

The quilt is a little small for a baby quilt (and I don’t know any babies anyway).  It measures 41”x33”.

So, a yoga mat maybe?  I don’t yoga.  
A child’s play mat maybe?  No small children around.

I do know that I would have liked to have it when my daughter was in high school on the track team and I had to sit on the ground to watch and to wait.  She didn’t like running...they had bleachers over there to sit on.  No, she liked to throw heavy things like the Discus and the Shot Puts.

I’ll find a use.  Until then it’s so stinkin’ cute that it makes me smile and I’ll just enjoying seeing it everyday.


  1. It turned out great Annie. Sometimes we need to create something just to create. I am sure you will find a use for it. Perhaps a picnic quilt to leave in the car when you want to go to a park or an emergency quilt to leave in your trunk if you ever got car problems in the cold months. Or you will find a child one day to gift it to as a cuddle quilt.

  2. I love your little quilt; using the stripe is just so perfect. You always come up with some wonderful ideas to put your stamp on what might have been pretty but ordinary.

  3. It IS stinkin' cute! Colorful, cheerful, and it will brighten any place you choose to use or display it.

  4. So beautiful. Keep it for snuggling under when winter comes. I love that you used the stripes in between.

  5. This really turned out to be a keeper, however you decide to use it! My first thought is as a lap quilt on that deck chair when the weather turns cool. I'm thinking those precuts are called Jolly Bars, but Candy Bars sound much sweeter!

  6. You have made great use of those fabric packs and the stripe really makes them sing. Just drape it around or over the back of a chair I think. xx

  7. Very very nice! I can see why it makes you smile it did me too. I have a few of them sitting around also and just keep moving them from one place to another.

  8. That whimsical quilt is so beautiful ♡♡♡♡♡ I love it!!! You could use it to help decorate the back of a chair or couch for different seasons, and when it gets cool it would be perfect to put on your lap while watching TV or crafting. It is perfect for so many things love love love it, you are so talented!!!

  9. Oh that's great seeing how it was made. I enjoyed each step and certainly know of the business of buying fabrics just because you like them, why not. These particular fabrics are lovely and these candy bar packs can be very seductive. I really like the way you have separated the coloured fabrics with the black and white stripes, that does both a favour. I hope you have plenty of the black and white striped fabric in your stash. I think the quilt is a perfect size and it looks very happy indeed on your verandah and will be happy anywhere else in your house, I'm sure, if it wants a change of scenery or if the weather turns inclement.

  10. I love your quilt. What a great idea. I have some charm packs and you've given me an idea as to what to do with them. Great job!

  11. Love it so much. It is so beautiful.


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