Monday, February 15, 2021

Have A Heart

I finished just barely in time for Valentine’s Day, this year!

This Have A Heart wall hanging finished a bit larger than I had in mind, but that’s how it goes when I make it up as I go along.  23.5” X 23.5”

I have seen many similar hangings on Pinterest and wanted to try one myself.  I’m not thrilled with it, but it will do.

I pulled fabrics from my stash.

I cut 4.5” squares and 3.5” squares.  The small squares were backed with Wonder Under.

I used my paper crafting BigKick to cut the hearts.

25 quickly cut hearts.

I arranged the blocks and stitched them together.  Then fused the hearts in place.

I raw edge appliquéd the hearts with black thread for an outlined look.  Then quilted around each square.

I then couched two strands of Perle Coton 8 around the outside edge of the hearts.  


This was all finished on the 13th.

On the 14th I made a tag to attach to the wall hanging for a stab at added detail interest.

I might try this again someday in hopes of getting it more to my liking. 


  1. That is a great Heart wall hanging Annie! And all those cut out heart pieces you could use to make reverse applique hearts, yielding you 2 quilts. I love hearts. I love your tag on the bottom. I am working on a heart that I didn't get done for Valentine's Day either. It's a heart I appliqued onto a bag flap (surprise, lol). I will finish it this week.

  2. I love this heart wall hanging...and the tag adds so much! Looks like a very fun project to do!!

  3. I have made several, love your fabric cutter and you wall hanging...

  4. I can't see one wrong thing in this little cute wall hanging. So many beautiful fabrics, and everything perfect. I love it! That cutter gave you perfect hearts too. If I should make one, I had to cut with scissors.

  5. Besides the size not being to your liking, what could possible be wrong with this sweet project? A project rates high with me when my eye travels all over soaking up the details and colors...this one does that so well! The couching around the edge is a lovely edging. Perhaps if it's too large for the wall, it might work better on a table. I love it!

  6. Yes, the tag is the perfect accessory! A fun and happy wall hanging and a great way to use your stash, Annie!

  7. Annie, this little quilt is very cute and the detail of your adorable paper tag ❤️! The couching detail is a nice addition too! Your stack of fabric from your stash makes me swoon!

  8. How do I love this? Let me count the the mix of colors, the adorable hearts, the contrast of the hearts and their backings, the way my eye travels across to admire each's awesome! You have to tell me about that couching technique, too, it's really a terrific touch for the edge. Annie, you have outdone yourself, in my book!

  9. I only got mine done a day before and never did get it hung up!! So it goes!!!

  10. I have a heart quilt I started years ago. Need to get it finished up, but still waiting to get into my new home so I have room to actually do some sewing. This is cute and finished!! Win Win!!

  11. Your wall hanging is beautiful and I love the addition of the tag. xx

  12. First of all I loved to see your pile of fabrics all ready to go and I'm wondering what I could have made with that selection.
    I like your heart patchwork a lot and I hope you like it a lot too some time later now that you have finished it.
    What an interesting way to cut the heart pieces and I have no idea how you did the couched edging. Does your sewing machine have a magic couching attachment? What I do see is that your stitching is incredibly neat within each edge.

  13. I really like the way you have shown all the steps along the way. You have a nice selection of fabric that is suitable for valentines and did a good job of putting the pieces together. It all comes together so well and your stitching skills are impressive. The paper tag is special too. I love it and wonder why you say you are not thrilled with it.

  14. This is gorgeous! You constantly amaze me. I do like the way you showed all the steps to make this.


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