Monday, February 8, 2021

The Month of Hearts and Flowers

A small old piece that has been languishing, awaiting inspiration for a finish.  

It was planned to be a pillow.

It was too small as is.  But it would be too large if I added to it.  So it sat.  Stored for quite a long time.

The flower is a rubber stamp image that I enlarged for applique.  The rest of it is paper pieced.

I suddenly realized it was a perfect size as is for the little 12” table top display frame I recently purchased for a cross stitch piece.

I recently made a birthday tag for a small gift.  And that inspired me to do a little more paper crafting with tags.  On Pinterest I found a tutorial for a window technique using acetate.

It started out as a future need of a birthday tag instead of a card.  As I worked on it, it was soon apparent to me that it intended to be a Valentine tag.

It’s a bit of a struggle to keep the acetate clean while working with it, but a not too close look doesn’t reveal that.

I always do a little on the back of my tags.

This prompted me to pull out the heart themed tags I had done in previous years.

Now they all hang out around the house on available knobs.

Or just tucked into a drawer.

I think it’s a fun idea to enjoy them.  I’ll be switching them out throughout the year as I’ve got quite a few tags that have been in hiding for much too long.

My Calendar Journal format has changed once again!  I most likely will be sticking with this easy format for now on.  I’ve printed off the months and am just decorating the blank spacing simply with washi tapes.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


  1. Your table top display quilt is so fun for February! It must feel good to finish another UFO. I always enjoy your paper crafts and those tags are wonderful. I will enjoy seeing you collection throughout the year! Even though you simplified your calendar journal, you still manage to make it look so creative! Love reading your monthly doings! 😉

  2. What fun to finish an old project and give it the life it deserves! It's so darling hanging on the display frame and allowing eyes to admire it. Your gift tags are a gift in themselves with their delicate artwork and details. What a sweet little way to show that love lives in your home! Enjoy the holiday!

  3. The heart and rose have finished beautifully into that little hanging - very nice. I'love' your tags and its a great idea to get them out on display. xx

  4. Great post as always, working on a small wall hanging hope to get it up tomorrow. No way as crafty as yours, surprise surprise but it's done. Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours.

  5. I love the little quilt with its cheery Valentine design! Your table top display is such a good way to give small quilts a place of honor and appreciation. And the fun tags and their curious little additions becoming a sort of a scavenger hunt for joy! I may co-opt this idea!

  6. The heart and rose became the perfect piece to display - love it! It's perfect for this month, so pretty. I like how you have incorporated your pretty tags into daily many times our projects end up out of view. I bet that is a nice thing to see as you look about the room.

  7. There is such beautiful simplicity (only achieved by thoughtful designing) in this piece and it is perfect in its display frame.
    Oh these divine tags! They look gorgeous against the dark wood. That's a great idea to have them hanging randomly so that you come across them now and then and can stop to admire them or show them to a casual passer-by.
    The first one is amazing and I can't quite work out how you got the acetate window to work - unless the tag is double sided and the acetate is sandwiched between. There is so much on this tag and I would have loved to have seen a step-by-step, and how did you cut the wiggly edged window frame - so many magic techniques to ponder over.

  8. Love your quilted table display and wonderful idea on how to display your tags, thanks for the inspiration! Deb xo

  9. Your little Valentines hanging is just fabulous and delicate looking, love it. I have to tell ya, I love all of the tags. I love how you have them hanging around.

  10. Your Heart and Flower piece is just perfect in your little tabletop frame. I love seeing you paper craft things and what a great ide to hang them all over the house.
    As usual I have enjoyed your calendar page, I like a little peek into someone else's busy life.


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