Friday, January 14, 2022

Snowman Challenge

Thanks to a new challenge I found, I have my first Christmas card for December 2022!  

This is a monthly themed challenge at the blog of   The Joyful QuilterThe link to the challenge rules:
January’s challenge is snowmen/red.  
I loved the Christmas tag I made in December, shown here, with the snowman and wondered how well he’d make into a Christmas card.  I’m combining my fabric scraps with my paper crafts to make cards this year.  At least that is the plan.  It will depend on how well the monthly challenge fits with that plan.  Fabric postcards are always an option too.

I began with fabric scraps backed with Wonder Under and cut using cutting dies.


I then chose a background fabric (red) cutting it and a piece of cardstock to a 4X6 inch size.  I fused the pieces to the background and stitched them down.  Adding a section of selvedge for a scarf.


I then began embellishing with foil paper punched circles on the holly and paper punched circles for buttons, a snowflake punched from glitter paper and a heat embossed message. I stitched the finished panel to the front of a folded card.
I sprayed ink through a stencil for the envelope.


Inside the card is a heat embossed message stitched to a background paper then taped to the inside of the folded card.

I love mixing sewing with paper crafts.  I can’t wait to find out what the February challenge will be.

December 2021 calendar journal

I don’t normally show progress photos, but this is what has been keeping me quite busy for the past month.  A massive cross stitch.  350 stitches X 349 stitches.  I have completed the first 39 rows...13,650 stitches.  Only 108,500 stitches to go!

Happy stitching of one type or another!


  1. Wow! Amazing cross stitch.
    The card is very charming!

  2. Annie you have made a beautiful card for Christmas 2022. How smart to work ahead and be extra prepared for the busiest season. Cross stitch is beyond my eyes and hands now. Yours will be amazing. Joyful January…

  3. So good to see you here with a blog post again. Such a fun card. I hope I will be on your list for next Christmas. Happy sewing!

  4. What a lovely card--nice work...hugs, Julierose

  5. I like what you did to make that snowman Annie.

  6. A happy snowman always melts my heart! Yours is a certainly a happy one, especially with his (her?) Moda scarf blowing in the breeze. My hat is off to you for getting an 11-month start on your Christmas projects!

  7. Your snowman card is adorable!! All of your embellishments really make him sparkle. I love fabrics and paper together, too, but rarely do anything like that in my hidey hole.

  8. Love the way the snowman's hat tops everything. :) What a great way to get a head start on your Christmas card list!

  9. That is SEW darling!! Pleased that you were inspired by January's prompt. Here's hoping you will join the Link Party at the end of the month!

  10. You amaze me, as always, and are so organized! That cross stitch project is mind blowing.

  11. What an adorable Christmas card for 2022. This is beautiful and fits that challenge perfectly. You must have a plethora of dies because this was amazing. I also LOVE your calendar. Like me, you share what you did that day rather than using it as a planner.

  12. Beautiful Christmas card!!!♡♡♡ I can't wait to see this cross stich when finished! You have way more patience than I do!!!♡♡♡

  13. Mixing paper and fabric....great idea! Such a great card....awesome and amazing!

  14. Such a fun make! I love how you created this with fabrics, it looks so beautiful 😀. I hope that you are keeping well, take care and Happy January! Hugs Jo x

  15. Wow! I adore your snowman card Annie, it's gorgeous!
    I'm glad you like my paint splattered clip, I'm very messy :D

  16. I am always amazed at the accuracy of your machine stitching, as here round the circles.
    Your snowman is just the perfect snowman with his foil holly on his smart black hat, and his selvedge scarf. I like how he has the names of Santa's reindeers on his jumper. Buttons, a snowflake and the perfect red background completes him perfectly. I also really appreciate all your process photos and descriptions which make him come to life.

    1. Just noticed that I gave him three "perfects" and he deserves each one.

  17. Oh Annie I have been eye balling this magnificant make on and off all day. That snowman is beyond belief just how amazing he looks. Your stitching is impeccable. This really is a masterpiece. Thanks for showing all the wonderful details. Looking forward to updates on your cross stitch. BTW I have intentions of creating a craft bag like you did in December but won't be for a month or so. Looking forward to that one thanks to you. Happy New Year.

  18. There is no better combination that paper and stitches Annie. I love how you tag came out. I miss my machine which is lodged at the back of out shed, waiting patiently to be rescued when my daughter moves her items to her new home. Wow that is some cross stitch project you have started! Good luck with it.

  19. Chouette et original votre bonhomme de neige...
    Bonne fin de journée ...

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    Cock Fight

  21. Love how that snowman turned out. The red for the background is perfect. You're right combining craft types is great fun.

  22. In the madness of my world I apologise for missing this Annie, what a grand idea never too late to get ahead I need to take a leaf out of your book for sure as the madness in my world gets even crazier. I do love your sewn snowman.
    Hope you are keeping well and hopefully find time for a little creativity?
    Hugs Tracey xx


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