Monday, May 9, 2022

Black and Red Quilt

A black and red quilt with white thrown in for good measure.  For a man, so no froofroo stuff.

The no froofroo is not quite as easy as it might seem.  For me that meant no flowery prints.

The design is an easy one to cut and sew.


I sewed long strips then cut them into 10” squares.

Arranging the squares with the red strips in alternating positions.

It felt as though it was missing something that would give it some pizzaz.
My favorite black and white stripe to the rescue!  I just trimmed a strip off the edge of random blocks to add the stripe and still keep the block the same 10” size.

Just what it needed.

So on to the quilting.

I pulled the red fabrics back out to cut and sew a scrappy binding.  

(I have a small, silly collection of dog ears)

It looks good and was a great way to use up the small pieces of yardage that were left after cutting the block strips.

And it’s a quilt!
Measuring 57” X 76”
The backing is a red grunge fabric (forgot to get that photo).

It’s fun when the breeze sneaks up to give a quilt a little flight.

I have some squares leftover.
They are not going into the scrap bin, they will become the next project...


  1. A great quilt for a man. Simple and beautiful. And I love that jar with dog ears.

  2. It's fabulous, love it! Hugs, Valerie

  3. Awesome quilt!! I like it before and after the strip addition.

  4. Sewing does so much to lift our spirits, doesn't it!

  5. What a great finish and I love the addition of the stripe, makes all the difference. I do love a scrappy binding too. Hope he loves it! xx

  6. And there you have it, a great guy quilt!

  7. Wow! The quilt is stunning Annie!

  8. This is my fourth time trying to leave a comment. I have tried for two days. I hope this works. You are a genius when it comes to quilts. This is really lovely and although it may have been made for a man, it is still quite beautiful and would feel at home in any modern environment. I hope the man you made it for loves it as much as I do!


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