Monday, October 3, 2022

Scrap Bag Challenge Quilt

I am new to quilt guilding.  And I am thoroughly enjoying it.  Mostly because my guild does not make any demands...everything is voluntary.  At our last meeting we drew numbers for a small bag of scraps from donated fabric.  Our challenge was to make a quilt of minimum size (36” X 48”) but no maximum size.  We could add fabric of our own.  And there are a variety of prizes to be had!

I was between projects when we got these scraps, so I got started on a quilt.

I only added the cream fabric that I had left over from a quilt back.  I love playing with designs with half square triangles.

Quite the array of prints and colors so not matchy matchy.  But with an anchoring background fabric, they kind of work don’t they???  Definitely scrappy.

A few adjustments and I went with it.  One week later......

I think that blue stripe binding brings everything together.
The quilt is a little bit larger than the minimum.  39” X 52”

I won the nice prize for first done!  YAY!
I’m donating this quilt for charity through the guild.

September 2022 Calendar Journal


Turid said...

Congratulations on winning with this fun and beautiful quilt. Someone will be thrilled to have it.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Congratulations on winning and so thoughtful of you to donate this for charity.

As always, I LOVE looking at your calendars. Love how you used different fonts and add such personal touches. You put my calendar pages to shame, dear Annie.

Anonymous said...

I love this spiral layout. This is a really great way to use a lot of scraps. I have always been drawn to asymmetrical layouts and this one is perfect. The spiral is wonderful and the way the pattern around the spiral goes off in unexpected directions makes it even better. I can imagine how easily it might be to get something turned the wrong way when sewing the pieces together. It is so much fun to look at.

As always I love looking at your calendar page.

Ruth said...

I see I am anonymous again. Ruth

Createology said...

Congratulations Annie. Your quilt is spectacular. It will be a very much loved quilt by the new owner. Donating is so rewarding.

craftytrog said...

Your quilt looks wonderful Annie, I love your design. Congratulations on your prize.
And well done for completing your September calendar.
Have a great October.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Hi Annie, so envious you have found a guild. I'm too far from any groups. But about your piece there- so creative with the hst's and you are right, the neutral fabric suits all those colours and the binding is perfect too. How kind you are to donate to charity too. Someone will love it.