Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Second Scrap Bag Quilt

I enjoyed making the first scrap bag quilt, so at guild the next month I brought home a second bag of scraps to have another go at scrappy piecing. 

Although I’m not as thrilled with this one, I still enjoyed making it as a charity quilt.  This quilt turned out larger than the first one measuring 51” X 70”

I did purchase the outside border fabric and the backing fabric. Two great sale finds.

I have never made quilts from scraps before. But I always have a stuffed bin of scraps. These two scrappy quilts got my fingers itching to see what I could do with my own bin of scraps…stay tuned to see how that goes!


Lin said...

Great use of those scraps Annie. xx

Ruth said...

I like the way you have set the body of scrap strips on a neutral (lt gray?) background. It has that "Annie" artistic touch. it's a really good idea to keep in mind if I ever get around to making another scrap quilt.

craftytrog said...

What great use of those scraps Annie! I love your quilt.
Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.
Alison x

Turid said...

If I hadn't so many plans for the first part of the year, I could have started a quilt like this at once. I love it. Happy new quilting year!

quiltingbydawn said...

Annie, those are some great scrap quilts! Your creative touch shows though even with scraps!