Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Altered Dictionary - E

The Alpha Challenge Letter this fortnight is
and my word is
Cut and paste.  The stylish lady is cut from a Stampers' Sampler magazine.  Isn't she fabulous?!  I was trying to keep track of names for art credit, but they are mixed up and misplaced.  The words are stamped.
I already enjoy browsing through this dictionary and finding the altered pages. 
This Alpha Challenge is hosted by The Craft Barn 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Postcard Art - Circles

This week at Sunday Postcard Art its all about
The wheels on these bicycles caught my attention for the theme.
They're much too intricate to cut out of fabric, so I decided to give an all papercraft postcard a try.
The card is a sandwich of decorated cardstock paper, plain cardstock and copy paper for the postcard back. 
The border is a regular weight scrapbook paper folded over the edges then stitched through all layers.
I have 3 postcard styles prepared on a single sheet of paper that I photocopy on 24lb weight copy paper, then cut apart to use individually.
The bicycles and birds are glued to the scrapbook paper with a glue stick.  I am not sure that's the best idea, but I'm not a glue expert, so I wanted to be sure a papercrafted card could survive a trip through the mail, so I gave it a coat of Mod Podge Matte finish.
This was a little scary because I did this after the card was completed. I wasn't sure that was the best idea either.  I've worked with Mod Podge before, but I really didn't know how the three layers would react.  Of course the top layer began to warp.  All I could do was hope it would flatten back out when it was dry.  Just like magic all was well in the end.
I could not be more pleased!  Well that was bunches of fun and I've been missing my daughter, so I set myself to making a postcard to send to her.
This one is just stamped and colored.  I can cut and paste and sew, but that's the extent of my artistic skills.  My coloring even needs help!   But I give it a go anyway.  No wonder I prefer fabric.
 One of my other postcard backs.
In any case, I'm having fun. 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Art Calendar Journal - Jan/Feb

is complete!
I so cannot believe how this project slowed time for me.  Someone commented that it was because I was being more in the moment.  I know for sure I was present each and every day, all day long.
You won't find too much in the way of real life in my journaling.  I am attempting to make note of some real life, but mostly it will be the thing I found most pleasant during that day.  And some days were a struggle what part to use. Like the 14th and 15th then the 16th.  I haven't sent in the PCH thing in years and years!  Some days I had nothing and found that was a good day to call a friend to chat.  One day I needed something so decided to make an inchie art.  That was kind of a struggle.  I hope I don't have to do that too often because it's not at all easy to make art in a 1" square.
But this was total fun!  So on to February I go!
Hoping there's some fun in every day!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Postcard Art - Coffee Time

Heavenly Morning!
This week's theme at Sunday Postcard Art is Coffee Time.

The background is 7gypsies scrapbook paper printed to fabric, the cup is cut from a package of fun size m&ms, the bird is rubber stamped (no identification on the stamp).  I wrote the words with a Gelly Roll Fine pen.

This would be an ideal morning, wouldn't you say?


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Altered Dictionary - C

This week the
Alpha Challenge 
letter is C
The word I chose is Couple

Not much to this, cut and paste is all.  But I like finding them in the book. 

The real artwork is the dolls.  This couple was cut from a Steampunk magazine (it's where they met.  They were placed side by side on the page spread) and they are dolls created by Stephanie Novatski.  I'm quite fascinated by steampunk art.  The magazine is filled with creatively fun crafted creatures and whatnot.  I want to add some favorites to my altered dictionary for a bit of fun visuals for the words I choose.

It seems it's ok to do more than one word for each letter, so I hope to do more during the fortnight.
I revisited my V page, and chose another word on the page to play with.  I really wanted to see if I  could perk up the page.  I chose the word vane.
Page 927 as a whole now looks like this.
This makes me feel lots better about this page.  Although, as an after thought, I will try to choose words in the future that don't already have an illustration.  That might be a challenge in itself since this is a "Junior" dictionary.  It's full of illustrations for words.

I really would have liked to use rubber stamps for all the altering, but that just isn't possible right now, so I'll have to be happy with limited mixed media altering.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Altered Dictionary - V

Alpha Challenge
Altered Dictionary

Take an old dictionary and art it up.  This challenge is hosted by The Craft Barn

I was hesitant about altering a dictionary, but then got to thinking how there are about 5 dictionaries here...most not being used any more. I found this old one that I think looks interesting before even opening it.

What good are they getting dusty on the shelf?  I decided to put on my brave girl panties and give it a new life. 

First I did a little Internet search to find out if it had any real value being dated 1935.

None to speak of, so, here goes!
The first letter we are beginning with is V.  I chose the word "validate".  I so wish I were the artistic drawing type...but I'm not at all. 
You're now about to see what I am not good at...
So, my first effort at this is a big ole fail!  Not at all what I really want for this project.  But I'm showing it anyway.  You should see some of the gorgeous art work being done for this project...Then you'd know why I consider my attempt such a fail.
I worked at planning this so I wouldn't mess it up, but when it came down to application,  I went and blocked the wrong word!!!  So mad at myself. I really hate these one chance deals!  Well, nothing for it but to work with it.  It doesn't really matter that much, valid...validate.  They work together.

I want more to work "with" the dictionary rather than block out entire pages, so I need to move to plan B.  We'll see how it goes as we get more letter choices to work with.

Later I'll dress up this same page by choosing another V word to play with in hopes of turning the page into some kind of semblance to something arty.   I hope that will help!

I couldn't believe I actually marked up a dictionary, but there it is! 

Be valid!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The passing of
...... Time ......
no longer flies by
... ______________________ ...
A strange revelation it is, but just at an age where time more than ever seems to fly by, I've managed to slow it down.  And I've done it by simply starting this art calendar journal. 
I really look forward to filling in the little blocks with word bits that tell something about that day.  My current life includes no resemblance to anything by way of the definition of the word "exciting".  But I am excited each day to find something to write about in the day's block.  This is the very thing that has now made each and every day count for something.  Even in the simplest way.  And it feels like time has slowed down.
 I have enough space to add that the 49ers beat the Packers yesterday.  (I was rooting for the Packers)
Every single day now there are several minutes of pure happiness while I fill in those blocks.  Plus the many minutes here and there throughout the day while I ponder on the so far today possibilities to document.
Thank you Kate Crane!
Have a great day,

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Art Calendar - February

...and now
February 2013
is ready...

I punished myself with the idea of the b&w between the journaling blocks.

But I really like how it turned out.  This month, like January, is a mix of fabric and scrapbook papers as well as stickers.  The hearts are from Lisa's Altered Art , the envelope and rose are Internet downloads.
I'm quite pleased with the end result of this month.  I am having the best time mixing medias to create this journal.

  I have been missing doing some scrapbooking.  My scrapbooking supplies are not in the same place that I am.  Creating this journal is much like scrapbooking for me, so I'm thoroughly enjoying this process...at the moment.

Happy day to you!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Art Calendar - January

Art Calendar Journal  

This is an ongoing project of Kate Crane's,   the kathryn wheel. It's a year of journaling your life, and Kate invites all interested to join her annual journey.
I'm definitely not looking at this as a "challenge", although the flickr group is titled Art Calendar 2013 365 Challenge  That terrible word!..."challenge".  No, for me it will be a project.
I really like the idea of this project, because I think I will enjoy filling in the squares.  The part that scares me is the designing of monthly pages.  I'm not sure I'll be able to keep up with that.  But I'm sure gonna try.
I don't do artsy with paints and inks, but I love fabric and scrapbook papers.  This January spread has lots of sewing, but with the freedom of personal choice, I don't feel I need to stick to one specific spread design theme.  So, when it gets "hairy", I think I can cut and paste a paper month quickly enough to keep up with this.  We'll see.
I'm making double page spreads using two 8.5" X 11" pages.  I will keep them in a scrapbook album.  I'll show that when I show the completed month (and after I purchase the album).
I notice that here I am stuck in the standard January box.  Blue and white, cold and blustery looking.  That must be why I really wanted to start with February...LOVE red!
My biggest fear is that my personal time is so limited, that this project might consume all of it.  Again, we'll see.

I also fear that many of the highlights of my day will just be work, cooking, cleaning or laundry.  So I have a plan for alternative entries when those days become monotonous.  But, for the most part, I'm going to look for the positive moments of my days to journal.
Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sunday Postcard Art - Open Theme

Sunday Postcard Art
This week's theme at SPA (Sunday Postcard Art) is an open theme...the only week of the year to create whatever my little heart desires. 
And my little heart desires to indulge my own desires a little more this year of 2013.
Selfishly yours,