Sunday, May 24, 2015

Touring Red Bird

My tinyest scrap play yet has taken the form of a wild red bird postcard who has flown off to Scotland to be friends with a tame pheasant and keep company with Maureen.

Oh, the sites he will see on his journey.

I really do try not to bind every postcard with this black and white stripe.  But more times than not it comes to be the best choice in the end.  And that doesn't bother me in the least...obviously.  

And here is one last bottle wrap...I promise. 
I like these B&J Malt Coolers and I needed a custom wrap for them. I didn't think my plan would work out so I kept putting it off. 

But now it was time to clean up my play space because someone is going to see it pretty soon. But I wanted this wrap done OR over with before cleaning up. I didn't want to be thinking about it anymore. 

It pretty much worked like a dream. But I don't want to make any more. So only my Marg cooler will have a wrap around it. 

I really tried not to add a swirl. But I just couldn't resist. 



  1. I'm sure your beautiful red bird will be so happy in Scotland, love the flowers on this, so elegant and effective. If black and white binding works, why not, new and experimental are often over-rated IMO. Monet had his water-lilies, so you can have your black and white stripe.
    Your bottle wrap is superb and I adore the pink cat peeking out.
    Lucky someone coming to see your workspace.

  2. Once again, wonderful, both the little red bird and the bottle wrap. I agree with sheila; I love that pink kitty and the swirl too.

  3. Love your postcard! Yep, flyimg off to a new home. You really only need one wrap and it is perfect!

  4. Ooh fab little birdy Annie,he looks like he has attitude should have knitted him a little jumper...he'll be cold in Scotland ;)
    Loving your bottle wrap too especially that funky little pink cat. I'm jealous of who's coming to see your craft space lol
    Biggest stitchy hugs
    Donna xxx

  5. Oh the places your postcards go.... All your scrappy work makes me just want to go for it. I checked out the site of your cute round bird the other day and all of her creations were adorable. You ladies are so creative!

  6. Your red bird postcard is adorable. I'm sure someone will be happy to see her arrive! Love your bottle wrap. You have a wonderful way with color,

  7. Red Scrap Bird flying to Scotland is quite an amazing feat. I love your black and white striped or checkerboard bindings as they pop against all the bright colors. Fabulous cooler cozy with the zipper and "A" charm. I understand not wanting to make multiples. Creative Bliss and Safe Memorial Weekend Dear...

  8. A zipper? On your cooler wrap? That is TOO cool. And I'm glad you did it and not me because that would be way to fiddly for my fat fingers. Love your little bird, as always. And, as always, I love the black/white strip binding. I think it's the perfect touch to your cards.

  9. You rock! Don't you just love it when something works just like you plan it? :-)

  10. Awesome!! love both of them!

  11. Wasting away in Margaritaville - Annie do you hear me singing!?! Cheers to you my friend!! What a wonderful bottle cover.
    Fantastic little red bird. She will love Scotland and the people will love her! I hope she packed plenty of warm clothes and some rain gear.
    Annie your post cards are amazing!
    Sandy xx

  12. Wonderful to see my bird. I can assure everyone it is loved and well cared for here in Scotland. I like your wrap and adding a zip genius.

  13. That bottle wrap is the coolest! I swear, Annie, you think up the most awesome stuff!

  14. These are awesome! You are so talented!! I wish my scrap paper pile became something 1/2 as cool as your material scraps!!!

  15. Oh Annie that bottle wrap is great! Using a zipper makes sense because of the bottle shape. I love it! Cute birdie too.

  16. Wouldn't you like to share how you made the zipper bottle wrapper? I haven't seen a pattern/tute anywhere for it. If there is one, perhaps you'll fill me in.

    Great post!!!!

  17. What a wonderful little red bird, I'm sure he will be very happy in Scotland with his feathered friend. And your custom bottle wrap is quite brilliant, no idea how you configured the curve of the bottle so perfectly but it is amazing! And the swirl was the perfect finishing touch ☺

  18. I love the color red and that little bird is adorable! The black and white edging really ties it all together so nicely.


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