Tuesday, November 27, 2018


Instagram Rant:

How strange that I do not own a single device that will load Instagram photos.  I see everyone’s names and their words, but not a single photo.  I have searched for the problem, tried all the suggestions, but still nothing.  When I first signed up all went well for several days.  Now nothing!  This is why those of you on Instagram no longer see comments from me.  I can’t see what I would be commenting on.  **I’m saying bad words now**
Rant over.

Update:  And suddenly 8 days later I am seeing photos again.  So I suppose it is going to be an intermittent thing and I will enjoy while it lasts and pout when it stops again.  


  1. I hate problems like this. My technodunce personality finds it difficult/impossible to solve them. :(

  2. Have you tried a different browser. I had to switch to Firefox because Chrome was giving me problems.

  3. Oh what a shame! Sorry but I have no suggestions to make. xx

  4. I think Firefox is better. I don't like that kind of problems. Good luck in fixing the problems.

  5. I think I heard those bad words....I would be throwing things. Modern technology is wonderful when it works. Hope you can fix the problem.

  6. Such a beautiful rounded table mat. I've recently bought a ruler like that. Maybe I should try?


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