Sunday, November 11, 2018

Upcycled Nightshirt to Infinity Scarf

My friend has been upcycling thrift store men’s shirts.  I think they look quite fun.  But I don’t want to make them.  She shared an infinity scarf she made from men’s shirts.  That item caught my attention.  

I always have a Goodwill bag going.  I had a new nice warm flannel nightshirt that was accidentally put into the dryer after washing.  So I wasn’t going to be wearing it anymore.  It went into the Goodwill bag.  When I saw my friend’s upcycled infinity scarf, I thought about that nightshirt and what a nice warm scarf it might make into.  Out of the bag it came!

I cut two useable pieces from the nightshirt.  Then stitched the buttoned front placket closed and moved the label from inside the collar to the back yoke above the pleat.  I left the pocket alone.  I can hide something in there.  I stitched these two pieces together end to end to make a full circle.

Here you can see the pocket.  I also cut the cuff off one sleeve.  It can be buttoned around the scarf any way and where desired.  It also slides is not sewn down.

The placket, back pleat and label shown here.

Just before turning the scarf right side out, I saw where I had accidentally snipped part of one layer.  Aaargh!  I had to unstitch some of the serging to make the repair.

I cut off the buttons section of the other cuff and sewed it over the snipped section.

My apologies to someone who is NOT going to get a new flannel nightshirt at a steal of a price from Goodwill, because that nightshirt is going to be keeping my neck warm this winter.

Thank you Leslie for your awesome infinity scarf inspiration!  I’ll be keeping an eye out for other desirable upcycled clothing ideas.


Ruth said...

What a great idea and what a nice looking scarf. I like what you did with the cuff that you can slide around where you want it and how you used the oher cuff to cover up your accidental snip. It reminds me of my leaf to cover my eyebrow dye mishap.

tink's mom said...

This is great. Love what you did with the loose cuff. Wonderful idea. Also like the way you patched using the other. Wishing you a warm neck.

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

That looks great, Annie! It's a wonderful way to upcycle a flannel shirt and it will feel very soft. I can't stand anything scratchy on my neck.

Lin said...

What a great idea - yours looks very snug. xx

jenclair said...

What a great way to recycle and create a fashionable and practical way to keep your neck warm! Love the soft look and the colors. :)

West Michigan Quilter said...

That is so cool! I love it. What a clever idea. Now that I see what you've done I think I'll try it. I bet my guys would like those this year. Thanks for sharing.

sheila 77 said...

I do like recycled (or mended) clothes. This looks terrific, and everything should have a pocket. Ooops about the snip, then you cleverly mended it, so recyling/mending here too.
This scarf looks very cosy indeed, doesn't look like a nightshirt round your neck in any way at all (that would look very eccentric). Love the travelling cuff (every scarf should have a t.c.), showing the label and that you can wear it in different ways.

Tera Callihan said...

I love this ♡ thanks for sharing the tutorial

Snoodles said...

Love repurposing stuff....clothes, furniture, everything! This is a great idea! Thanks!