Friday, November 16, 2018

Recliner Quilt

A recliner quilt.  That’s what I call it anyway.  I had a request for a quilt for using while in his recliner chair.  So narrow and long was the request and orange was the color desired.  “Just orange”?  “It could have some black but not be halloween”.  Okay, there’s a challenge if ever I heard one.

I did not use a pattern.  Just half square triangles set on point.  

I was anxious to try these triangle rulers I found at the quilt show.  Wow, did these half square triangles (hst) make up fast!

I love that the ruler has guides for trimming off those dog ears as you cut the triangles.

Cut and neatly trimmed and ready to sew!

I designed as I went along.

I used all three triangle ruler sizes.

I was thinking I would probably only use these little triangle rulers this one time, but really it went so easy and much faster than I thought it would.  Finding enough orange fabrics took more time than making the hst.  I have another quilt planned using these rulers already.

Before I knew it I was basting the layers together!

And quilting!

And binding!  By the time I get to sewing the binding on a quilt, I’ve had quite enough of fighting the quilt in a small space up against a wall.

So when I get it to my lap to hand stitch the binding, I’m a pretty happy quilter.

And done!

It measures 44” X 87”. I was going for an 80” length but this quilt had a mind of it’s own for length.  Extra long is much better than too short.

Then someone came along and said “you should add glow-in-the-dark skulls on it.”  And the other someone said “YEAH!”  And I said “seriously???”

That might look like Halloween to some, but not to them.  They just like that stuff.  Actually we are a bunch that enjoys a little creepiness in our everyday life.  Especially if it glows in the dark!  I have a very happy new quilt owner...that’s all that matters to me.

I’m trying not to keep adding to my scrap drawers so I’ll share in my next post what I did with the leftovers from this quilt.


Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

No wonder the recipient is so happy with his new quilt. It looks fantastic, Annie! I love those floating little squares.

Carol S. said...

This is so beautiful in orange and! I'd love the skulls, too, just because I'm a little creepy that way. I think I need that ruler (of course, I do!)

jenclair said...

Love! I love orange and your quilt has so many wonderful shades of orangey goodness!

sheila 77 said...

This was a great story of making the quilt. I see you pencilled in the horizontal lines on the strip (??) - so this is how the triangles work, I can now see that, very clever. Still you managed to match the triangles perfectly and I've done measuring and piecing and know it can sometimes (!) not be so accurate, so top marks to you and the plastic triangles. I like the pattern you invented, it looks terrific, orderly, yet not, and with some squares escaping the order. I had to laugh - you must not make a Halloween quilt but it has to be black and orange and then it has to have skellies. Hahahahaha!
I've no idea how you managed to get the quilt in such a position in the photograph. I can see the hands at the top but is there someone underneath holding the other end taut? Whatever, you've got a great photo.
In fact all the photos are superb. If I was going to make a triangle quilt this would inspire me.
Oh and I also like that the quilt refused to be the length you ordered, this is what quilts do. Measure twice, maybe three times, cut once and there's a sizing surprise - at least that's my experience.
Superb work, Annie. Great that you are enjoying stitching again, and great that we are getting to see your marvellous progress and finish.

Tera Callihan said...

Of course it can always have glow in the dark skulls! Lol I have my postcard by my bed in the window seal so I see it glow each night! I love this recliner quilt! You have been on a roll finishing all these! I need to finish my brother's jean one... (before Christmas hopefully) ... and if I'm really good maybe my nieces... hmmm we shall see.... anyhow I love that you have diamonds that look like they ate falling from the others. Great visual interest :)

West Michigan Quilter said...

Annie, this is a beautiful quilt! I love it (but not the skulls). You did a fantastic job. What a designer you are! I really like how you added that touch of orange away from the rest of the blocks. Like Tera said, great visual interest. You did good girl!

Ruth said...

You hit the nail on the head with orange and black and not Halloween. Your the design is wonderful; the layout is so well balanced. As usual you made a work or art. I am eager to see what you did with the leftovers.

Lesley said...

What a great quilt! Love how you used several sizes of the triangles to make such a beautiful and creative quilt. Well done!

Lin said...

I love it! xx

Karen Dunbrook said...

love the bold, Autumnal rich and wonderful!!
xx Karen