Monday, February 4, 2019

Another Mini Booklet

I couldn’t wait to make another little I didn’t!

They’re so stinkin’ cute and so fun to make.

I even pulled out a previously not used die cut from my newly organized little ephemera keeper booklet.  

Now being old people, we have a lot of pharmaceutical and medical bills to keep track of for tax deductions.  After I spent 2.5 hours sorting last years expenses, I knew what my next little booklet would be for.

The little pockets will hold those little pharmacy receipts.  And I will list the various medical expenses each month on a separate little sheet of paper to tuck into the pocket as well.

Then next year this chore will be a snap.

I’ve just let the scrapbook papers do all the design work.  I mostly just did die cutting and some careful tearing and taped it all together.  Score Tape is fabulous!


  1. Another cute one and practical! A pretty way to save all those tax deduction receipts!

  2. I love your little booklet. And great idea to use it to store your receipts, to make tax time easier.

  3. Love this...I keep Rx receipts in an envelope, but have to dig for medical appointments. This is a great idea. Thanks for always sharing your talent. I need to make this booklet.

  4. You are on a roll! I like the colors of the scrapbook paper too. It looks very shabby chic! Great idea to keep everything organized!

  5. I missed your first post on little booklets (well, we are on holiday!) so I had to go back and look. They are GORGEOUS!!!! I love handmade books and I am so covetous of yours. xx

  6. Annie . . . did the original booklet come with loose blank pages that you decorated?
    They look thick to me . . . gorgeous job and such a creative idea!

  7. These are astonishingly beautiful and so well made and decorated. They look so solid and so pretty. I'm a bit at sea as to how you make these and will go back and look at the previous post to try to find out. I think the way you have used the designer papers and cut-outs is just marvellous.

  8. Annie, I'm so entranced with this! Do you have a pic of your die cutting machine? When I had my summer "Art Bound Camp" for kids, I often used my heavy duty Ellison die cutting press, but I'm sure this is totally different than what you use. I'm also curious about the die machine that does cut cardboard . . . mine cuts through mat board, and I used it a lot to make covers for the kids' journals which they assembled at the end of the week . . . thus the double meaning of "Bound" . . . (also "bound" for art!) . . . I miss those days, but did it for 10 years and ran out of energy! Oh, also, if the pages are heavy, how did you sew through them to the middle. Sorry for my ignorance . . . This is a fabulous idea for your receipts! Another thing we have in common is our LOVE for organization! xox

  9. I love your little pocket book and how you will use it to keep records organized. I know those dratted medical receipts and visits to keep track of. I already met my deductible before January ended! Sheesh...


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