Thursday, October 22, 2020

Sewing Storage Reduction

Storage reduction continues in my sewing space.

This cute bicycle printed linen was a gift.  As usual, the lack of ideas for what to do with it kept it in storage for a few years.  Time to come out and be something!

I love that fun novelty bicycle ads fabric.  Perfect to pair with the print.  I decided on a project pouch for my cross stitch floss.

I used a strip of selvedge to add interest as a small loop on the side.

The lining represents the many streets and paths I have ridden my bicycle over the years.

I can’t cross stitch on linen without adding those magnifiers to my glasses.  What a pastime life saver they are!

While I’ve been cross stitching, I thought about the pieces I have had stored for 30 years.  These football logos.  My son stitched these when he was 13 or 14 years old.  He’s 44 now.

I did not know what to make with them.  Even now.  I spent a lot of time on Pinterest looking for ideas and inspiration for what to make for a grown man.  The best idea was just a pillow.

The stripes made me think of the referees during football games.

The numbers made me think of the game scores.

When my son was a baby, 4months old, I noticed the TV caught his attention whenever football was on.  We didn’t have but 3 channels to watch at the time, so sometimes football would be on.  Not that anyone was a great football fan.  I wondered if he was really watching it.  I set him in his baby carrier in front of the TV and he actually watched the game.  If the channel was changed he lost interest in the TV.  When football was back on his attention was back on the TV.  To this day he is a big fan of football.

I’m shipping this pillow to him this week.  I’ll bet he thinks those cross stitched pieces were long gone somewhere years ago.  I wish I could be there when he tells his grown children he stitched those.  I wonder if they will razz him about cross stitching.  Even famous professional football players are known to have done needlework.  

Hooray for more storage reduction!


Lin said...

Two lovely finishes. The pouch is great - the fabrics work together really well. Well done to your son for his beautiful work - I am sure he will be well chuffed with the pillow. xx

Vicki in MN said...

That was a great use for those X stitch logos and it will bring back lots of memories for your son.

Ruth said...

Two great projects. I love the story about your son. All smaller than bed size things you are making inspire me to work with what I have and maybe, just maybe, keep quilting.

sheila 77 said...

You have some amazing fabrics, not like the pretty, pretty flower fabrics some shops here still try to sell. The bicycle piece you have chosen for the pouch is terrific and the back is perfect. I will also have to keep the selvedge cut-offs now I can see how good this one looks as a tab.
Great idea to make your son's old tapestry into a cushion and the numbers on the back are just perfect.
My long-kept fabrics are in boxes just outside this room and I can hear them getting restless.

Carol Swift said...

I love the vintage looking fabric and how you used them in a project. Those cross stitch pieces are treasures and I'm glad you placed them in a memorable pillow!

jenclair said...

Girl, you are on a roll! I love that you are giving me inspiration to reduce some stash--wish I had the determination to follow through. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, seems to be my mantra these days. Today, I'm going to go through some scrappy pieces I couldn't part with and see if I can make something, anything. I've been congratulating myself for finally hemming a pair of my husband's pants, surely there is a project that would be more fun. :)

quiltingbydawn said...

Your bicycle pouch is wonderful! It is such a cute print! What a special treat for your son. I’m sure he will be surprised when he opens the package! I love that you are finding ways to bring life into old projects! Well done!

Tera Callihan said...

How cool that he stitched those! Also the bike pencil case storage case thing is super cute