Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Halloween Hauntings

Some Halloween sewing has been happening.

In the stash was a Halloween panel that I bought because I liked “parts” of the designs.  I took a couple of years to get to it.  I don’t always know what I’m going to do with a piece of fabric when I buy it.  Since I’ve been trying to use what I have, it was time for this piece to come out into the light of day.  I have cut it apart and used some of it.

First I made a couple of Halloween potholders.  I framed them with fabric from my massive (to me) Halloween stash.  Mitered corners are not the funnest to do and I’m not sure it made much difference with this particular striped piece.

This was a small image block that I added side borders to make it postcard size. Quilted just following lines in the image.

Then I took a “section” from one of the images I wasn’t overly fond of to make another postcard.  Again, quilting is just following the image lines.

This is the original panel piece (I had already started cutting it apart).

I have yet to make the crows, the skeleton and the tree into something.  Probably potholders/hot plate mat.

Hooray!...more stash reduction!

This next postcard is a section of a Halloween fabric and a section of paper piecing that I didn’t use for the Chillingsworth Wall hangings.

This Bat postcard is my usual style for fabric postcards, raw edge applique.  He is a Quilt Doodle Designs pattern called Going Batty Mug Mat.  I shrank the pattern to fit a postcard.

This spider I have made before but it has been many years.  This pattern is a Patch Abilities, Inc. called Eeek!  The pattern is a wall hanging of 3 spiders.  The medium spider is just the right size for a postcard.

This is my version of the pattern done several years ago.

It’s time to get my postcards in the mail!  Time flies by so fast.  Now that I am officially retired, dates and what day it is means nothing.  I have to make a point of paying attention to that now.

Happy Haunting!


  1. I love them all Annie. Such a fun panel to do so many things with. I have a scrap of Halloween fabric left in my huge fabric stash. Not sure if I will be tempted to buy more Halloween fabric in the future? I guess if something caught my eye, no never say never.

  2. How fun all of these are. I am clearing out to move and re-discovering fabrics I "had to have" at the time. These sort of prints are always enticing, so it is good to see a great use for them. Let me know when you get to the blackbirds!

  3. Lovley postcards. "Stash reduction" Makes me smile. Love the sound of it, and the process.

  4. OMG! They are all so wonderful! Fun and funny and delightful--what a perfect way to reduce your stash, Annie.

  5. Lovin all of your Halloween Postcards from this post and the last. Love that you shrink things down to fit. I don't know if I could function without the option to shrink and enlarge.

  6. Oh my gosh, you are having way more fun than I. That is a great Halloween panel and all your small quilted pieces are just wonderful. As I scrolled down I kept thinking each one was the best yet. Then I went back and scrolled through again and they are all so much fun to look at. Everyone of them is my favorite. How's that!

  7. Around our house we frequently have to ask what day it is, I am okay with it because for us it means we are retired. i absolutely love all of your projects. You are so talented and I
    always look forward to seeing your projects.

  8. You will wonder how you ever had time to go to work! lol Lots of great postcards and good use of that panel. I do love the spider hanging. xx

  9. Great idea to use parts of the panels for pot holders and post cards. The stripe really works well to make him pop.

  10. What a clever thing to do, if you don't mind, I just might do the same with some of my panels.

  11. Halloween potholders complete with pot, what a fun idea. The striped borders are perfect with Mr. Skellie and the bats. I'm scanning back and forward to see how you made your pieces from the panel - a rather boring dull panel turned into magnificent arty and/or useful things. Ghostie joining up with the birds in the tree turns into a super picture and the bats are much happier without the pumpkin.
    Your postcards are marvellous and the spider on his own is just a hoot and again I love the striped border you've made.
    The three spider quiltlet is superb. I had three spiders on my studio carpet last week lined up just like that, definitely eek!

  12. What great Halloween projects.

  13. Another set of cute Halloween postcards and decor, Annie! Your stash of Halloween fabrics must be quite large 😉. I really like how you creatively use each piece to make it your own. Great job!

  14. These are wonderful! What a great way to use a panel.

  15. I cannot believe I missed a post with Halloween goodies from you. I have been a terrible slacker apparently. I don't even know where to start these are all fabulous! I'm sure your daughter wanted to steal all of them!!! Thank you for continuing to share your beautiful work


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