Saturday, October 17, 2020

Are you happy?

And then one day I decided I wanted to cross stitch again.

But I had a project yet unfinished on the scroll frame.  Another 25 year old unfinished project!  With only this much left to sad is that.

It was going to be framed and hung in my young daughter’s bedroom.  But she isn’t that young anymore and I lost interest in finishing it.  And, it was an area of so many color changes.

I forced myself to finish it before starting a new project.  I knew if I took it off the frame it would never get finished.

The quote is one of my favorites, by Abraham Lincoln.  The design is by Mary Engelbreit.

As I was working on that last bit of stitching I didn’t know what I’d do with it when it was finished.  Then I remembered the antique child’s rocking chair I have from my great aunt.  I don’t know the rocker’s real age but it is definitely well over 150 years old.  The cane seat was worn out and had to be replaced.  But the rest of the chair is in it’s original but not perfect condition.  I decided this stitched piece as a pillow could sit on that rocker.

How happy am I that another languishing project is finished and being enjoyed!

Also while working on that stitching, I found I wanted a pin cushion for all these cross stitch needles I have.  So I stitched a quick cushion top.

I stitched some x’s around the design and fabric frame.  I didn’t get them right, but I figured that out along the way.  They were good enough for this project.  Next time I do that I’m hoping they will look better when done properly.

Ah, much better than needles floating around here and there and everywhere.

Be happy!


quiltingbydawn said...

Oh do those projects bring back memories of hours spent cross stitching! I also have an unfinished project with only a small bit to finish. I can imagine the feeling of satisfaction to have that project done! Yay for you getting things done, Annie!

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Nice needle and scissors case. The pillow is cute, perfect on the old rocker.

jenclair said...

I love it! The beautiful pattern worked in cheerful colors and the way you used it to complement the gorgeous old rocker--great solution. The needle and scissors project, too!

Lin said...

How satisfying to get that UFO finished and it looks great as a cushion on the rocker. The needle cushion is great especially with the scissor holder on the back. xx

Carol S. said...

That is a treasure and so worth it! The rocking chair with the pillow is a sweet combo, as is that little pincushion and needles. I hear it's very satisfying to finish UFO's and maybe someday I'll know what that feels like. LOL

sheila 77 said...

The cross stitch cushion is absolutely delightful and it is perfect for the rocking chair and the rocking chair for it. Making the cross stitch into a cushion was another task to do after. You are really scaring these UFOs who have been loafing quietly somewhere.
Funny, this week I reorganised my needles and pin cushions too. I like to see all your needles sitting up smartly waiting to be chosen from your very smart fat little pin cushion.

Snoodles said...

Love that pillow - it’s perfect, sitting on the rocker! And you know how I love all things Mary E! I received a gorgeous pincushion last month in a swap.... now I need to organize like you did. Yes, it’s a happy feeling to finish a project, even happier when it’s been waiting it’s turn for a while!