Sunday, April 22, 2018

Bird Challenge Postcard

At the Sunday Postcard Art Blog this week, the challenge theme is BIRD.

I love birds in my art.  I had plenty of notice and time to play.  Birdie gave me fits though.  He’s on a rubber stamp and I decided I wanted to give him a little more color than what was on the background.  He began to turn into such a mess.  Although I’m not completely pleased, he finally reached a passable appearance which saved him from a trash bin time out.  Lucky little fellow.  That was a near miss.  

I used inks on this postcard, so my attempt at adding some white backfired.  I’d so quickly forgotten that the modeling paste put on top of inks takes up the ink colors while drying.  But, added texture is good.  Right?

Happy Mail Day!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Abstract Postcards and Art Journal

I’ve a great passion for mail art and am having loads of abstract fun.

This postcard changed since being posted previously.  The postcards seem to appear a bit dull without some white.  

And that’s usually when the modeling paste comes into play.  When the paste is put over acrylic paint and Archival Ink, it stays white.

This is the last art journal page I have for now.  I haven’t been painting with large amounts of paint where there would be some left over.  The postcards are small and they don’t take much paint.  Also no new techniques being tried at the moment.  I’m too hooked on the postcard art.

This was a hard page to find a design for.  I did one element at a time then let it sit until something else came to mind.  So many times I just wanted to tear the page out and toss it to the trash.  And not just for a time out either.

I’m hooked on modeling paste.  I love the stuff!

It’s an icy mess outside weather wise.  The perfect excuse for indoor art play.

Friday, April 6, 2018

March/April Calendar Journal

March 2018 was a bit hectic life-wise, compared to how mundane my life normally is.  Still nothing exciting.  Some crafting fun though.

I’m surprised that I find a little something to write about everyday.  I always expect there to be lots of blank blocks.  I was so excited to stumble across that envelope closure Washi tape!  As well as a lot of other new rolls of Washi tapes.

And so April begins now.

What do you want to bet that something really exciting happens on the 12th and 19th and I’ve no room to write it.  The design of this month is definitely lacking. My first plan for the word “April” was a fail but the tree was already there.  I couldn’t just toss it out and start over.  I’m so enamored with the effects of modeling paste.  It’s such fun.

I also sometimes forget to put the date numbers on my master before I copy it to the design paper.  Then I’m punished by having to do them twice.  Argh!

  Having filled in blocks will take care of the lack of designing creativity.  It’s sometimes hard to remember that and visualize it through the entire calendar page.     

Wishing everyone happy April days!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Abstract Mail Art

More mail current passion.
(Shared in Sunday Postcard Art)

This one spent 15 minutes in the trash bin.

Let me show you why...

It starts out like this.  I started with trying Distress Oxides Inks.  My first try with those inks. I tried to control those, but they would have none of that control stuff.  Plus they weren’t bright enough for me.  So I went over the inks with acrylic paints.

Not real pretty.  That darker green wasn’t the color I thought it would be.  But I hoped I could improve on it.

Then I go over the top with some white here and there.

Yeah, it’s still pretty awful.  That’s when I stopped taking photos and put it in the trash for a 15 minute time out.  Not really...I threw it out intending to move on.  But I took it out and added some darker red over the awful green, then some bright orange, then some stamping and washi tapes and finally some modeling paste.

And that’s when it turned from trash to mail art.

This next one is done with spray inks.  They’re less predictable than acrylics are but blend on their own better.  This one went out in the mail to encourage a young artist to continue to follow her art.

Happy Mail Day!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Envelope Postcard

Every week I watch the Sunday Postcard Art themes.  Once in a while they play right into my artistic play that I have happening right at the moment.  It’s what happened for this week.  The theme this week is to make a postcard as an envelope or faux envelope or add an envelope to the postcard, etc.

That is exactly what I have been trying this week.  The front of my postcard is the “envelope” side with the postage and the address.

I saw actual envelopes similar to this on Pinterest and thought to give it a try as a postcard.  I finally made an address thingy to show how my mail art might look with the address.

I was so pleased, I had to give it another try today.  

I really struggle with this sort of thing as I generally DO NOT like the piece with just the paint on it.  It’s all I can do to keep myself from wasting any more of my life on it and toss it to the trash.  But when I start stamping and adding Washi Tape, I fall in love.

Both postcards look the same on the back for now.

I can write a lot more on these postcards than I can when the address is on this side (like a normal postcard).  I’ll decorate this side more when I know where these postcards might be going.  

Thanks so much, Rosie, for this great theme.  Perfect timing so that I can play along.  It’s been quite a long time.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Art Journal Pages

Leftover paints and experiments have turned into these art journal pages.

Modeling Paste practice and trying some black acrylic paint through a stencil.

I’ve never been one to create motivational word art.  I’m plenty motivated.  I’d rather use words in other ways that help with a story or such.

But I didn’t know what else to put on the page and I was wondering what words I could make with these leftover round letter stickers.  “Try” popped right out at me while I am “trying” stuff that I’ve always avoided.

I wonder what I could do with the word “quick” or “jump”.  What other words are there that would work in art?

Next, this mess happened.

Makes no sense at all to me.  But I do see a postcard that could be cut from it.  Maybe two.  Oh, look what I forgot to date stamp ran out after 2017.  Until I get a new one I’m using 2013 and turning the 3 into an 8.

In any case, I’m enjoying myself and this crazy experimenting process.  One thing is leading to another.  Fun!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

From Experiment to Mail Art

Another somewhat successful experiment turned into mail art for a fellow mail artist.  Still lots to learn!  Which means I hope I end up with more mail art.

I’m sharing the back of this one to share a “nonsense letter”. Of course you can’t write much of a letter on a postcard, but you can still write some nonsense.

And add some Washi Tapes.  I get on as much as I can.  I love that tape of envelope fasteners.  Of course this one was put on upside down.  Didn’t notice the writing before I stuck it down permanently.  I put a bit of glue on each end to make sure my tapes don’t interrupt Mr. Postman’s duties.  So there was no pulling it up to turn it around.

Have you seen those fabulous new Bioluminescent Life postage stamps?  Such fun they are to add to mail!

Happy Mail Day!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

February/March 2018 Calendar Journal

February is now history.

I changed the bottom corner as I wasn’t quite happy with what I had.  Of course I proceeded to turn it into a mess that I was even more unhappy with.  Washi Tapes to the rescue!  Like Duct tape they fix everything.  And just like Duct tape they fix everything — sort of.

Anyway, moving on.  March is here now.  I very bravely gave brush lettering a try.  At least it turned out okay enough.

I look forward to Spring right after Fall.  I am not a fan of Winter and cold weather.  So I’m definitely ready for the season change.  Not that it means it will happen in the Midwest according to the calendar, but I’m always hopeful anyway.
Make your days count!

Monday, February 26, 2018

An Art Journal

This is my story of An Art Journal.
Of how and why I started making one.

I love seeing the art journals of artists.  And I always wanted to make one.  BUT first, I never considered myself an artist.  Second, I kept thinking why would I want one?  What would I do with it?  Just leave it on a shelf with no purpose?  No, art journals are not for me.  And that’s how I’ve left it for many years.

However, now that I’ve been being brave and trying different products, supplies and techniques that have always frightened me, I found myself rethinking the art journal thing.  I could use it as a way to first “test” my ability with these foreign products and supplies.  AND a way to finish up using leftover paint because I squeezed out more than I actually needed.  (Hate just tossing it out!)

I bought this book.  8.5” length X 6” width.

I bravely began testing.  Knowing I could always rip out the page and make it disappear within seconds.

I always hate it when those tests come out looking better than the real piece.  (Not necessarily in this case that you see here).  This truly was a testing ground.   

Then after I was finished testing, I have kind of challenged myself to create an art journal page with what ended up on that test page.  I did struggle towards the end of this page to make it into a keeper rather than rip the page out and tear it up.

This kind of art stuff (anything that has to do with painting) does NOT come easily to me.  I really have to work at it and in the end I either get lucky or I rip it up for the trash bin.

And I mean it about getting lucky.  Nothing with paper ever turns out how it looks in my mind.  In my mind I’m a wonderful artist.  Everything turns out just as I imagine it will.  LOL. In real life, if it’s a keeper, I got lucky.  (Sheila, is that what you mean by the supplies did all the work?) (Renee, Gesso and I are still not friends.  But I’m determined to figure out how to become friends!)

But now I’ve gone back to thinking, what do I do with it?  I feel like art needs to be seen or shared.  Closing the book and leaving it on a shelf just doesn’t work for me.

I’ve come to the conclusion that at some point when I’m ready to let go of a page, I can cut it into a postcard or greeting card and send it out into the world of mail art.  Now it has a purpose!  Now I can sit it on a shelf knowing I can chop it up whenever I want to.  See how I worked that out for myself?  LOL 

That’s my Art Journal story and I’m stickin’ to it!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Experiment Mail Art

Yes, I’m still experimenting with inks and acrylic paints and now modeling paste.  Then rubber stamping on top of those mediums.  

Isn’t that an awesome postage stamp from Finland?!  I love it and it needed to be in a piece of mail art.  

There is a new supply of skinny Washi Tapes in my supplies.

Beacause I didn’t already have enough?

Washi Tape is a weakness for me!  A very happy weakness. *snicker*