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Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Fortune Teller

Every once in a great while, an eligible bachelor will come along just passing through the tiny town of Nowhere.  This sends the Spinster Sisters into a whirlwind competition for his affections.

After too many years of being unsuccessful in capturing a husband, the sisters finally went to visit the local Fortune Teller to learn exactly when they would find their men.

They now have it in writing.....
"There are no men in your futures."

The theme this week for Sunday Postcard Art is FORTUNE TELLER.  My postcards are all hands on made.  For the last couple of themes I haven't had supplies or ideas to fit the themes to make cards.  This week I'm attempting to come in by way of a backdoor.  This may not qualify.  And that would be ok.  I have a postcard to mail out now.  That's what matters most to me.

Here is the address side of this postcard.

Happy Mail Day!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Altered Dictionary - S

At The Craft Barn challenge blog, we illustrate for the letter S this fortnight.

I chose sailboat.  I just recently drew a sailboat for a postcard.  Why not give my simple little pattern, that takes no drawing skills, a little extra life.  So here it lives in my altered dictionary forever more.

It's all made of tracing paper.  We had a twist this time that our illustration has to include a shell.  I had a better plan than what you see, but I couldn't find a shell that would fit the plan.  

Happy sailing!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Altered Dictionary - D

The letter this fortnight at The Craft Barn is the letter D.

Oh, so many delightful words to illustrate that begin with the letter D.  But for me, the word to illustrate has to be DELIVERY.  I watch for this guy every single delivery day of the week!...to bring in and to take out.

There is a twist to the challenge this time, and that is to use pink.  The twists always scare me that they might not work into my style.  But, so far, so good.

Now I must go and make more mail.

Monday, April 4, 2016

March 2016 Calendar Journal

And March went along like so...

I'm almost completely happy with this calendar journaling style.  I've only one struggle left to overcome.  I can't use markers or gel pens of any kind, as they can be seen through the paper to the previous or next month.  I have been searching for colored ink pens that write well and have tossed quite a bit of money into the trash can.  The pens come home with me, they either don't write nicely or the ink blobs up at the tip, so off to the trash they go.  Any suggestions?

Now on to my birthday month.  I've already spent some enjoyable time purchasing a few new toys for myself.  I love me an Amazon rewards gift card!

Happy Spring!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Spring Button-winged Birdie

The theme this week at Sunday Postcard Art is SPRING.
Spring is the most wonderful time of the year!

I "drew" (amazement in itself) my birdie based on the great mixed media birds I found on Pinterest created by this blogger: http://www.erinbassett.com/creativite/2012/04/bird_canvas.html. I gave mine a faux button that is just a fabric circle.

This cute little guy will be taking flight to travel to his new home on Monday when I can get into the post office to have his postage stamp hand cancelled.

I couldn't decide whether to make him with fabric or paper.  So I made him in both mediums.

This paper button-winged birdie has a faux button made from glitter paper.

Happy Spring and Happy Easter!