Saturday, September 17, 2016

Harvest Moon

HARVEST MOON is the theme this week at Sunday Postcard Art.

That falls right into my need to make a few Halloween greetings.

It is a simple make.  The background is scrapbook paper.  I love scrapbook paper as it takes away the hard part of creating a background that I find so hard to do.  The moon is three shades of orange Distress inks, and my Nevermore Raven stamp over the top.  Then a bit more distress ink around the outside edge.

The correspondence side...

Again, scrapbook paper, then I stamped "Post Card".

Happy Mail Day!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Ready to Haunt

This week's theme on Sunday Postcard Art is LEAVES.

I took this opportunity to get started on a Halloween greeting.  

The spooky tree is a stencil, the bats and small leaves are paper punched, the rest of the images are die cut.

This postcard will have to travel in a clear sleeve, so I haven't yet decided how I want to do the back address side.

Happy Haunting Soon!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Walk Your Pets

This week the theme for Sunday Postcard Art is WHEELS.

I actually started this postcard for last week's theme of PETS.  Needless to say, it didn't get done.  I struggled with the background.  When I finally gave up, I checked what the next theme would be.  Wheels.  My pet walking cart has wheels!  I still had a chance to finish this postcard.  But I was still struggling with the background.  

I worked on the background, but I didn't like it.  Not one little bit.  I finally decided to cut out the images and use my favorite background technique of finding a scrapbook paper that would do the job.  It came with sunshine.  I added Wink of Stella to the fish for his glistening scales look, but the camera doesn't pick it up well.  The tiny silver dots is the very fine Stella glitter.

The correspondence side...

Happy Mail Day!

Thursday, August 11, 2016


This fabric sailboat postcard sailed the high seas to The Netherlands and arrived quite safely.

A birthday card (that I basically copied from a Pinterest card).

A scrapbook spread from one of my bicycle rides last summer in Wisconsin.

I always wish summertime would last forever.  Just not the 100+ degree days!

Happy Days!

Monday, August 1, 2016

A Birthday and Ms. Skellie

A big three O birthday came around this year and I had a fun time making a birthday card.  Those Tim Holtz 3" number rubber stamps don't keep anything a secret.  Aren't those candles clever?  I wish I could claim their design, but I saw them on a store card.  

I swapped Ms. Skellie mail art with a couple of like-minded rubber stamping artists.  These are the envelopes I sent out.

Those new Planets postage stamps came out just at the right time for my envelopes.

I'm not accomplishing much on my to do list since purchasing a Kindle Fire and joining Bookbub.  I wish I'd done that hundreds of book dollars ago!  

So many enjoyable pastimes, so little time!

Happy Mail Day!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Sunday Postcard Art - Picnic

This week I get to host at the Sunday Postcard Art with my choice of theme, which is PICNIC.  I chose this theme because I wanted to stitch this ant.  I was worried how his little legs might end up looking. I was surprised to be so pleased.  And ants go so well with picnics.  This little guy is on his way to a picnic right now.

My postcard backside...

I'm anxious to see the variety of picnic art that my fellow postcard artists will create.

Happy summertime!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Scrapbooking Pages

You might not know this, but yes, I scrapbook too.  Yes, too many crafty irons in the fire.

I've never shared my Scrapbooking pages before, but here are a sampling of a few.  My style is greatly different than most I have seen.  I want the pages to be more about the photos than about how many doodads I can glue to the page.  I absolutely love those doodad-loaded pages that I see others making, but I feel like the photo gets so lost.

Dies for cutting out letters with my BigShot has been a real life saver.  Before that I cut them with the Cricut (which was fine except when the paper would tear) and before that I traced letters from stencils and cut them out with an Xacto knife.  Quite painstakingly too, I might add.  

My scrapbooks are the 8.5" X 11" size.  To me the 12" X 12" pages are SO big!  Although sometimes I long for a larger page.  I do have pages that are a double page spread for one event.

This was a year ago and we're about to attend this rally again the first of July.

My very good friend from "home".  Processing the photo like this took away lots of aging and wrinkles. Why can't we do that in real life?

Being away from home, I hadn't done much Scrapbooking.  I loved getting back into it.  I'm looking forward to lots more time with my daughter like this in the future.

These tennies were just barely before the wild colored ones we see today.  I'm sure by now she has a wildly brightly colored pair of tennies.  Some people will scrapbook anything, eh?

I thought when I started in again with Scrapbooking and started right from the current day, that I'd be able to keep up AND work backwards to catch up.  I'm already 10 months behind that "current day".  So I see that it is a loosing battle and I just have to plug along as best I can.  

Keeping that calendar journal is a great big help in remembering the sequence of events and the dates.  I have looked back as a reference countless times already.  

Keeping memories alive for the future.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

May 2016 Calendar Journal and a Snack

And May 2016 went like this:

The 13th and 14th are very personal feelings days, so I'm keeping them private.

There is only June left in this calendar/planner.  It's about time I went back and finished the cover.

Here is a tasty little snack for you.

To get the ingredients to my liking, I increased the amount of Ranch Dressing Mix as well as the amount of garlic.  I also added the Worcestershire sauce.  


Saturday, May 28, 2016

Wisconsin Vacation Altered Postcard

The Sunday Postcard Art challenge this week is to alter a postcard.  

I've had this little postcard for such a long time.  It's a strange size ...not even quite 3.5 X 5.  So I cut a postcard size kraft paper and added my vacationers and a bird to the scene.

I forgot to take a picture of the postcard in it's original state, but I think it's pretty clear that it was just some cows in a pasture.  I haven't played with these two people characters in a long time.  This was a fun filled challenge this week.

And of course we need the card back to tell the rest of the story.

It was tough to decide between this phrase and something about getting a new travel agent.

In reality, Wisconsin is a beautiful state and I love it.

Happy Mail Day!

Friday, May 27, 2016

New Recipe Cards

Yummy Favorites

I'm trying only to make recipe cards for favorite dishes and desserts that I make time and again.  And I seldom follow an original recipe exactly as I find it.  There's usually a little too much of this or I don't like that, I'll leave it out, etc.  I think most every cook does that.

This one is so delicious that it's hard for me to want to cook asparagus any other way.  There's never any leftovers with this side dish.

Sometimes I don't pay much attention to the cooking times.  Like on this one, I don't know how long I sauté the asparagus.  I just keep poking it with a fork until I feel it's ready for the next step.  I suppose the times must be pretty close though.

This dessert is so yummy, and it's most yummiest is the next day.  So I make it a day ahead of time.

Look at the fun idea I thought of for making this card work.  I can't believe I even thought of doing it this way.  I'll be making more like this rather than the pieces that just swing out of the way and turn upside down.

The recipe box itself has finally gotten some scrapbook paper on it to cover the craft paper mache color.  Then some Washi Tape on the edges.  What to do on it next hasn't come to me yet.

The cards inside.

Nope, not the easiest filing system for recipes, but since they will only be favorite ones, I don't expect that they will become so many that I won't be able to locate what I want.

I have a little more time than I used to, to do the cooking.  I'm scaring the crap out of myself, but I'm almost starting to like it ...on some days.

I've made stuffed mushrooms twice now looking for a really good ingredient combination.  So far I'm not very impressed.  Have you got one you love?

Happy Cooking!
(Did I really say that?!)