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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Vacation Mail Art

I am having a little visit at "home" for a couple of months.  I'm having the most marvelous time relaxing and thoroughly enjoying life for this short time.  

I have even had time to play with some mail art.

I dug through my old supplies which suddenly looked all new and exciting.  I decided to see what I could come up with after their long almost 5 year rest.  It just needed a little something extra, so I had to wait for the good mail day to bring me the brick wall stencil to finish it off.

Now I need help figuring out where to mail this envelope off to.  Any suggestions?

Then daughter and I went shopping and the raven stamp came home with us.  It turns out that we had both been contemplating that stamp for a while.

I wanted to send him out, but didn't think I could part with him.  So I attempted to recreate this envelope.

You cannot duplicate original art with that background technique.  Which is a very good thing.  I like him too.  But he will fly off to a sweet mail art friend.

I love the envelope mail art best when it has the recipients name and address on it.  That always adds the perfect finishing touch.  

Wishing everyone a good mail day.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Feather in Her Cap

The theme at Sunday Postcard Art is HATS.  This vintage photo is either someone related to me somehow or a friend of someone related to me.  When I came across it in the family photos, I thought the long narrow shape was unusual and that it would be a fun photo to play with.  The hat doesn't seem all that clear, but it's there and it has a feather on it.  Actually, two feathers.  So I couldn't resist pointing it out and creating a collage with the photo.  She's quite proud of her accomplishment...whatever it may have been.

I'm happy to send this postcard off to someone who would like to find it in their mail.  Speak up.

Good Mail Day!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Postcard Swap

The swap started out as a beach theme and I think ended as a theme about anything having to do with summer.  My mind went to and stayed at the beach.  With colorful little huts to change into and out of your swimwear.

And my partner made her postcard based on the rafts of the local fishermen.  What a beautiful setting for fishing, eh?  She even shows the reflections of the sails in the water.  Isnt that the most clever creativity.  

This great postcard swap was hosted by Sheila of  Sheila's Quilt World  Thank you Sheila for all your hard work.

Happy Mail Day,

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Air Mail

I have been following this Mail Art Projects blog.  I began to wonder why as most mail calls are either not very clear to me as to what they want, what they will do with it, etc.  However, I have now participated twice.  The first time was sending a mail art envelope to a woman celebrating her 55th birthday and was hoping to receive 55 pieces of mail art.  She sent in return a mass produced postcard art.  It was very cool.

Now the request is for mail art on the subject of the History of Mail Art.  I had no clue and could think of nothing that portrayed the history of mail art.  So I just did a little history of mail with some art.  I've no clue whether it will be accepted.  I only know the theme and that it had to be a 4X6 postcard mailed naked.  Right up my alley.

I hate that I didn't notice that I should have lined the letter in his mouth so that his body couldn't be seen through it!

I love this fat carrier pigeon.  I'm sure I stole the bird shape from some talented artist.  Then I looked up aviator caps and drew one on the bird, then added goggles to guard his little eyes from the wind during flight.  As I am not a drawing artist, I was darn pleased with his cap and goggles!  This drawing has been sitting around here for more than a year.  (But, you might remember him as a birthday party bird a while back, wearing a birthday party hat.)

I really struggled with sending him off to no one I know.  But I've done it for one single reason.  Simply to see if he sells.  He's flown to a for profit exhibit where all received mail art (on the history of mail art) will be for sale to the public.  Half the sale price goes to the artist, the other half to the gallery.  

Back to the part about not knowing enough specifics on the projects, I had no clue if I should price the postcard or if they do.  I left it to them.  Now I wait and see what happens.  Either way, my curiosity will be satisfied sometime shortly after October 2015, which is when this project opens to the public.

Good Mail Day to all!

Friday, June 12, 2015


The tag challenge this time is 

Yes, it's true.

It's not a famous quote.  I saw it on a T-Shirt.  And I figured I'm "quoting" what someone else said.  That makes it a quote.  Right?  

I had to laugh at myself as I painted her dress the "dreaded purple".  (Quoting myself)  I didn't want to make it red or orange, so dreaded purple it must be.  

I haven't decided what to add to the back, so it might be finished or might only temporarily be finished.  It could take me months to decide.

You can check out the tag challenge at DragonsDream Tag It On

Go forth and be classy.